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Photography & Video Production

High-quality photography and video production are more important now than ever before when it comes to marketing your business online. From headshots and website photography to animated videos and promotional spots, the JSL team is here to help you tackle your next big creative project.

Visual Media That Connects Brands to Their Audiences

Utilizing high-quality, beautiful photos can really set your brand apart from the competition and help you to connect on a deeper, more personal level with your audience. From commercial photography and product shots to bio pictures, social media + website photography, and lifestyle shoots, we take great pride in telling our clients’ stories visually – both online and off – through photography.

Our team of experienced photographers use top-of-the-line professional digital equipment so you receive the best possible photos for all of your online needs. You won’t be disappointed!

Engaging Videos That Effectively Tell Your Brand’s Story

Video is the present and the future, and as the fastest growing trend online – you need video. For many companies, video production can seem an impossible task, from development and pre-production, to production, editing, and distribution. But working with a video production company with the background, skills, and experience can make this digital mountain more of a minor molehill.

JSL Marketing is your all-inclusive video production company and we’re passionate about telling your unique story in a way that showcases your brand and captivates your audience.

A Wide Range of Skills

When It Comes To Video Production + Photography, We Love a Good Challenge.

That’s why we offer a wide variety of services under the umbrellas of photography and ideography. At JSL, we’re your strategists, storyteller, visual effects artists, producers, graphic artists, animators, videographers, editors, consultants, and more.


Whether you need commercial photography for product shots, bio pictures, pictures for your website redesign, or simply for your social media accounts, your smart phone pictures just aren’t going to cut it. If you want to present a professional image, then you need to put out professional quality in everything that you do, from your website’s copy to your photos, services, and web design.

Headshots +
Team Photos

Professional headshots (bio pics) and team photos are a must if you’re looking to set your brand ahead of the competition. Plus, they look great on a website.

Website + Social Media Photos

Custom website photography can help give your website a unique look and feel (no stock photography here) & social media photography can work in the same way.

Commercial + Product Shots

Professional commercial photography, along with product photography, are both critical when it comes to marketing your service or product-based business online.

Lifestyle Shoots

Capturing day-in-the-life type photos is what lifestyle photography is all about. These photos are also great for use on websites, social media, and branded materials.

Video Production

Every business has a unique story and history, and at JSL Marketing & Web Design, we’d love to use our video production services to help you tell yours. We work hard to carefully craft your brand’s story in a visual way so that it can inspire, move, educate, and connect with your audience. To do this, we use a wide variety of different videos, all of which can be used for different purposes.

Promo Videos

A promo video can be used to increase brand awareness, educate your customers, promote a new product/service/business location, and more – all with the goal of making a lasting impression with your target audience.

Live Action Videos

Beginning with a script and a storyboard, live action videos are great because they provide an authentic, trustworthy tone, as your audience is looking at a real person that is speaking directly to them, instead of a graphic or animation.

Animated Videos

In addition to being a great way to explain or show complex processes and services, another major draw of animated videos is that they don’t require actors or expensive locations and sets. This can save you time, money, and a lot of headaches.

Videos for Social Media

Social media isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon – so why not use high-quality videos to connect with your target audience on your platforms of choice? From Instagram to Facebook to TickTock and more, we can help you create stunning video content.

Need Proof?

Check Out Some of Our Recent Photography & Video Production Projects

Our Photography
& Video Production Process

Our process is simple – we take care of everything from concept planning all the way through to final edits so you don’t have to worry about it.

Step One
Development & Planning

Our first step is always about your story. We want to create and develop your idea to its fullest potential so that you can showcase your brand, what makes you different, and put your own stamp on your video. We’ll ask you questions like, “why is your story unique?”, “what’s your ‘why’?”, and “how is that important to your customer?” After we’ve nailed down your why and how, we can then craft your unique answers into a story that will speak to your audience.

After your why, we’ll discuss the other necessary questions like who and where – who will be in your video and where will they be? What will they be doing? This is where your script and storyline will come together, as well as your choice between animated video or live action.

Step Two
Streamlining & Pre-Production

Pre-production is the time to imagine and conquer any problems we might encounter during production. This is the time to simplify the next steps, make a game plan, and organize how to best utilize your time, budget, and script.

This is also when we will visualize the shots with a digital storyboard. This is a helpful step where we’ll plan out the tools needed to best showcase your story. After the storyboard is confirmed and agreed upon, we’ll transcribe it into a shot list with notes on the needs, design aspects, and composition, as well as lens choices, angles, lighting, movements, etc. This is also when we will make the schedule for the day of the shoot.

Step Three
Production (Live Action)

Production is the execution of all the planning of the previous two steps, and because of the time and detailed plans made in steps one and two, our shooting will be seamless, straightforward, and uncomplicated.

Not everyone loves being in front of the camera, and that’s ok – we’ll make it as painless (and even enjoyable) as possible, all while directing you and helping you.

For animated videos, production looks a little different, and is typically combined with post-production and editing. But don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to make edits as needed.

Step Four
Post-Production & Editing

Post-production is where the magic happens. During this step, we’ll take all the shots we took during production and mold it all together into your ultimate story and product.

Just as step three is sometimes the shortest step, this is usually the longest step because of the multiple rounds of edits, cutting what is not needed, and re-arranging what is. Post-production can also include music, voice overs, motion graphics, special effects, editing, and color correction.

Video post-production is where technical expertise and creativity join to make your final product glow and speak to both your audience and you. Think of it like a puzzle we put together, piece by piece, until the final picture is shown.

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