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Want to Learn More About Joining the JSL Team?

Interested in working for JSL? Curious about our company culture? Check out the video below to learn more and also the job postings to see if we are hiring in your specific field. Even if we aren’t currently hiring, feel free to send us your resume for future reference!

The Perks

Why You Should Join the
JSL Marketing & Web Design Team

At JSL, we work hard but we play hard too. Check out some of the perks and benefits of working for JSL below.

  • Top-Notch Company Culture
    We pride ourselves on the company culture we’ve worked so hard to create over the years. Our goal is always to make sure our team feels like family.

  • Competitive Compensation
    Regardless of your field/position, JSL offers competitive compensation and regular raises based on performance to all of our team members.

  • Results Only Workplace
    Setting and achieving goals, along with growth and improvement are huge at JSL, which is why we’re focused on providing a results only workplace.

  • Superior Benefits
    At JSL, we are committed to providing top of the line benefits to our team members, including health insurance, paid vacation, 401k matching, and more.

  • Flexible Scheduling
    We work a typical nine to five schedule, but many of our team members work remotely so there’s a little bit more flexibility than your average workplace.

  • Career Development
    We love it when our team members set career goals and we are committed to helping everyone achieve these goals through career development.

Grand Rapids Web Design team working on a project

What’s Different About JSL?

In the Same Way That We Care About Our Clients’ “Why?” We Also Care Just as Much About Yours.

At JSL we are dedicated to utilizing and expanding each team member’s unique skillset. We’re not about forcing people into a role that isn’t right for them. We know that people are at their most productive when they’re happy, fulfilled, and have autonomy—which is why JSL is proud to be considered a Results Only Workplace.