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SEO Strategies that Work

At JSL Marketing & Web Design, we specialize in developing and implementing highly effective and successful SEO strategies.

Our process is simple. We begin each new SEO strategy development session with a comprehensive SEO audit of the website in question. This allows us to get under the hood so to speak and really see what’s going on, SEO-wise.

After the SEO audit, we’ll go over our findings with you and begin to develop a strategy to both fix the existing issues and plan to improve your website over time.

Our strategies typically include things such as:

Magnifying Glass
Keyword Research (Read More About This Below)
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Link Building
Macbook Copywriting
Keyword Targeted Blog Posts and Pages
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Local SEO Efforts
Copywriting on a phone
SEO Friendly Site Structure and Website Design
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And More!
seo audit in dallas texas

Once we’ve developed the strategy, it’s time to start implementing the changes across your website. This can take a few weeks, but as we begin to make the changes you’ll start to see results!

So whether you’re looking to target specific location-based keywords – like Grapevine, Texas SEO Companies – or something not quite so location centered, we can help you create the perfect strategy that not only boosts your rankings in the search engines, but also generates more page views, engagement and leads for you.

seo audit in dallas texas
seo keyword research on a paper

The Critical Importance of Keyword Research

Before we start creating your SEO strategy, it’s important to be sure that the proper keyword research has been done.

What is keyword research exactly?

In short, keyword research involves determining which words are already being searched for the most within your niche, by your target audience.

For example, say you’re selling cakes. What kind of people are going to be looking for cakes online, and what words might they type into Google (or other search engines) in order to find your cake shop?

seo keyword research on a paper
seo strategy development session

Maybe they’re searching for words like “chocolate cake” or “cakes online” or “cakes for delivery.” If you ship chocolate cakes, you want to be sure that your business appears in that potential customer’s search results.

Or, let’s say the customer is looking for a cake shop in Dallas; they might search for “best cakes in Dallas.”  If your cake shop is in Dallas, you want to make sure that your business website appears in their search results.


seo strategy development session
seo strategies that work

It sounds complicated, but what it really comes down to is this – your business needs to appear in the search results for the keywords related to your niche that people are already searching for.

Once you know what those words are, you can use SEO and keyword targeted blog posts/web content to really get ahead of your competition, outranking them in the search engines.

And that’s what you want! More business for you.

seo strategies that work

Ready to Get Started?

At JSL, we can help you do the keyword research for your niche and develop a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Fill out the contact form below, and we’ll get in touch with you to get the ball rolling!

JSL Marketing & Web Design proudly serves SEO clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Grapevine, Irving, Plano, and the surrounding areas.