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In the modern economy, businesses are often under increasing pressure to net great returns on the marketing budgets they invest.

The commercial real estate industry is no different! When faced with increased competition, greater client choice, and rising building costs, commercial real estate firms and agents need to see the ROI on their marketing dollars and fast.

You can, of course, spend your commercial real estate marketing dollars on paid ad media campaigns, printed media, and broadcast video ads. There’s nothing wrong with these tactics! They’re critical to guiding users through the awareness and consideration stages of the buyers’ journey.

However, if your CRE firm only has so much money for marketing, you just won’t have the budget to effectively utilize those tactics. To work smarter, not harder, consider investing in inbound marketing tactics and let your potential clients come to you.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best organic way to capitalize on the search terms your potential leads are typing into search engines every day.

By optimizing your website and website content for the relevant keywords you want to rank on search engine results page for, you’re letting your end users come to you!

Step One
Prepare and
Learn Your Goals

In this step, we’ll learn everything we can about your business. What’s your market like? Who are your competitors? Do you prefer a wide range of properties or have you carved out a profitable niche in special purpose property? From there, we’ll audit your website and see what’s working for your SEO and what we can improve upon.

Step Two
Research and
Strategize a Solution

In this step, we’ll learn everything we can about your business. What’s your market like? Who are your competitors? Do you prefer a wide range of properties or have you carved out a profitable niche in special purpose property? From there, we’ll audit your website and see what’s working for your SEO and what we can improve upon.

Step Three
Design & Develop
Your Project

We’ll write the content, adjust the schema mark ups and tweak the meta descriptions to make your website fire on all cylinders! When we report back to you, your website’s SEO settings will be improved and ready to take your website to the top of the search engine results pages.

Step Four
Final Approval
and Launch

If you have invested in a new website, we’ll run you through the layout and particulars and get your final approval before going live! From there, we can discuss what other full-funnel marketing tactics you might need. We’re not just an SEO, web, and content marketing agency. We’re a full-service digital marketing agency.

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Marketing Process

While we’re happy to work on improving your SEO, sometimes it’s best to start from the ground up. Depending on your needs, we may suggest a new website, built around the terms people are searching on Google within your local commercial real estate market. Often, our clients just don’t like the look and feel of their current website and want to invest in a sleeker, faster, and more intuitive website. Our team is happy to discuss this option with you if that’s what you’re interested in.

This could vary, depending on the specifics of your firm, CRE clientele, local market, or web presence, but you can generally expect the following when you work with JSL Marketing and Web Design.

Commercial Real Estate SEO for the Modern World

JSL Marketing & Web Design has years of SEO and web design experience to offer your commercial real estate firm. Our commercial real estate SEO experts have the industry-specific knowledge and marketing prowess to get your business to the top of Google’s organic results and in front of your ideal prospect. Whether it’s Local SEO & reputation management, content creation, or a new website, trust your commercial real estate SEO needs to JSL Marketing & Web Design!

We have several different products that can be utilized to help you dominate the online commercial real estate industry in your market:

Commercial Real Estate Content Creation

Any SEO expert knows that the best website in the world will underdeliver if its content is poorly written or irrelevant to the end user.

To really make the most of a website, you’ll need to write commercial real estate-specific content, content that your users will find relevant, helpful, and engaging.

SEO Website Optimizations

Maybe your website’s content is written around the keywords and semantically-related keywords you want to rank for, but your off-page SEO needs a few tweaks. Our commercial real estate web design team can reevaluate the schema mark up, HTML, load speed, and linking strategy of your site and adjust accordingly. If you need a new website, we’re happy to discuss what that would look like as well.

Full-Funnel Digital Marketing Services

SEO is a great medium to bring high-intent users to your CRE firm. However, remember that the decision to purchase is just one part of the sales funnel. You’ll need to guide your customers through the ‘awareness’ and ‘consideration’ stages as well. With a little luck, your clients will become repeat customers or even advocate for you to their friends and family.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Tactics for the 21st Century

Depending on the specifics of your market, the property type you specialize in, and the intricacies of your client base, you might need any combination of the following to compete for Commercial Real Estate clients in 2022. To reach buyers in different stages of the sales funnel, you might need to consider different tactics. We’re happy to help design a custom marketing plan for you.

Photography &
Video Production

Photography & Video Production is the secret sauce of marketing. The right high-quality visuals will enhance your brand’s message.

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A great brand starts with a great image. Our designers can work with you to expand your idea into a visual identity that resonates.

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Social Media

Over 70% of Americans have a social media profile. That alone should get you excited about using social media to reach your perfect audience!

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If you want to reach the most people with the most efficient use of your budget, email marketing is the way to go!

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Our talented SEO writers research, write, and finalize the keyword-rich content you need to rank and generate leads.

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Are You Ready for Even More?

If you’re impressed, we have great news! There’s more where that came from. Click below to see the full list of services that JSL has to offer.

Our Services

Tried and True Commercial Real Estate SEO Strategies

We’ve got tons of commercial real estate marketing knowledge to bring to your firm and the case studies to boot!

JSL Marketing & Web Design has been building beautiful websites for commercial real estate clients for years and has won several digital marketing awards for the work we’ve done.

Consider Mangrum Commercial. When we met the Mangrum Commercial team, they had no logo, no branding, and no website. This is a problem for any CRE firm, but it was a big issue for Mangrum in particular, as they were trying to compete in the white-hot Dallas commercial real estate market.

Increasing their ranking on the search engine results pages was a key goal of Mangrum to increase their market share in Dallas, but they needed a high-powered website to do that. (After all, it’s hard to rank for commercial real estate search terms without a website!)

We had to start from the ground up with Mangrum to increase their SEO performance. We first spoke with Mangrum to understand the search terms they wanted to rank for and began writing keyword-rich content for the new website. We worked closely with their team to layout the website, research their perfect keywords, choose compelling visuals, and optimize the website’s off-page SEO.

The website we produced for Mangrum had commercial real estate keywords, a quick load speed, and compelling graphics. And the organic SEO results that came with that website were even better!

Website users rose almost 70% between Month 1 and 6. Six months later, site users rose over 60% again! SEO for commercial real estate is not a simple process, but our team delivered for Mangrum Commercial. We’ll let Collin tell you just how satisfied the Mangrum team was…

JSL did a tremendous job for my company in the designing of our logo as well as constructing and developing our entire website from the ground up. I highly recommend them – they even stick to deadlines – what a rarity!”

Collin M.

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Download the Magnum Commercial Case Study Today to See the Impact That Exceptional Digital Marketing Can Have on Commercial Real Estate!

Award-Winning Commercial Real Estate SEO Company

If you’re going to invest in marketing, you need to know you’re choosing a well-regarded agency. We’re proud of a myriad of aspects about what we’ve built here at JSL Marketing & Web Design, but the industry recognition we’ve earned within the digital marketing field is one of our top achievements. Take a look at some of the marketing awards we’ve won!

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