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In need of local and professional web design in Fort Wayne, Indiana? JSL Marketing & Web Design has the expertise you need!

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You’ve heard the expression ‘a picture is worth 1,000 words’ at some point or another. While it’s an oft-repeated expression, it’s also true!

If you’re a business owner in the Fort Wayne area, you know by now that you NEED to be on the internet. It’s just a fact. We’re in the Digital Age and most consumers are used to being able to find convenient and user-friendly websites for any business in their area. For these consumers, it’s a red flag to not be able to find a business’ website.

About 50% of smartphone users have discovered a new business on their smart phone, which means not being visible on Google is a huge opportunity cost. Clearly, you need to be on the Web if consumers are going to be able to find your brand or business in Fort Wayne.

Why is Great Web Design in Fort Wayne Important?

Not having a website is a terrible option, but creating a shoddy website isn’t much better, frankly. A poorly designed website just won’t show up on search engines results pages, won’t keep users engaged, and won’t convert those potential customers into clients. A cumbersome or mediocre website will just send your customers away frustrated, which is just as bad as never being found. In fact, over 70% of customers admit to judging a small business based on its website.

Your brand needs a website, but it needs the RIGHT type of website for your goals, industry, needs, and preferences. To achieve that, you’ll need a web design company that can see your website as a part of a bigger marketing picture.

What’s the Right Type of Website or Web Design Then?

One designed by the marketing gurus at JSL Marketing & Web Design, of course!

When you partner with JSL Marketing & Web Design, you’re choosing an award-winning, cross-disciplinary team dedicated to helping businesses grow through powerful SEO and gorgeous UX design in Fort Wayne, IN!

Our Services

Web Design is Just One of
Our Areas of Expertise!

Our digital marketing team can review your current digital marketing strategy and offer some personalized recommendations. One important caveat is that we would recommend examining the website first, before investing in other marketing mediums. For instance, a Google ad campaign is a great way to get more people on your website, but if your site is subpar, your Google ad campaign won’t be as effective as it could have been.

Photography &

Photography & Video Production is the secret sauce of marketing. The right high-quality visuals will enhance your brand’s message.

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A great brand starts with a great image. Our designers can work with you to expand your idea into a visual identity that resonates.

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Social Media

Over 70% of Americans have a social media profile. That alone should get you excited about using social media to reach your perfect audience!

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If you want to reach the most people with the most efficient use of your budget, email marketing is the way to go!

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Our talented SEO writers research, write, and finalize the keyword-rich content you need to rank and generate leads.

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Are You Ready for Even More?

If you’re impressed, we have great news! There’s more where that came from. Click below to see the full list of services that JSL has to offer.

Our Services

An Award-Winning Fort Wayne Web Design Company

If you want to attract qualified traffic and convert website leads, you need a website that is:

  • Creative, Clean & Beautiful
  • Intuitively Designed & User-Friendly
  • Mobile-Friendly & Device Optimized
  • SEO-Focused for Search Engines
  • Targeted for Your Users & Customers
  • And so Much More!

Our Fort Wayne, Indiana Web Design Process

Our process is also set up to be easy and hassle-free for you.

Though each client project is unique and has specific needs, goals, and requests to incorporate in, we always follow our seamless web design formula.

Step One
Prep & Learn the Goals
of Your Web Design Job

We meet with the client to review specifics about their business. What does this site need to do? Does this site need an e-store? Will it require new content, or is there old content that needs to be transferred from one site to another? Does your old site need a facelift, or is an entirely new website the best course of action for your brand? Are there any passwords or accesses we need?

We want to be sure we have all the details and have communicated everything to our clients before we even begin. We’ve found that the more preparation, the smoother the rest of the project goes. And we don’t just want your Fort Wayne web design project to go well, we want it to be easy and enjoyable!

Step Two
Research & Strategize a
Solution for Your Design

In Phase 2 we take your specific objectives and needs and customize your project timeline and milestones accordingly before moving onto the actual build of your site. This includes the content that will be on the website, a rough blueprint of the website’s design, and a site map.

Your website needs are unique and we make sure you aren’t getting the same cliché website template with different colors and fonts: you’re getting a search engine optimized, mobile friendly marketing cornerstone, complete with the tailored project plan to match. We pair your business expertise with our digital marketing and web design skill set to achieve excellence, whether you need your website for lead generation, client education, or e-commerce.

Step Three
Develop Your Web
Design Job to Perfection

Front end developers, SEOs, web graphic designers, and content writers work in tandem to make sure that your website is built to fire on all cylinders. Just as a new car needs to have beautiful design, a comfortable interior, and a powerful engine, your website needs to perform in several different arenas. Our interdisciplinary team makes sure that you have beauty, security, SEO, adaptability, and a cutting-edge coding foundation as they develop your new website.

The result of clean coding, beautiful design, functional SEO, and the latest security standards is a website that stands head and shoulders above your competitors, delivered on time and on budget!

Step Four
Final Approval, Testing,
& Launch of the Site

In Phase 4, we submit the final product for your approval, and then launch your new and stunning website! Rest assured that, unlike other web designers, we don’t just give you “what you get.” We make sure that your revisions and requests are paired with our technical and visual expertise to produce a website that you can rave about.

To make sure that everything is performing as it should, we test your website on multiple browsers and then QC the site from the end user’s perspective on laptop, mobile, and tablet to guarantee perfection. In the days after site launch, we’ll be on standby for any necessary edits or adjustments. After all, a website is a living organism and our team will be close by to help immediately after launch.

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Unicorns in the Web Design Industry

As far as web developers go, we’re something of an anomaly. Because we have coders, designers, and SEOs working closely together, we’re able to produce incredibly gorgeous, well-coded, and fully search engine optimized websites for our clients. Regardless of if you just need a facelift or a brand-new site, our websites come with a host of add-ons and advantages:

E-Commerce Capability

Rest assured that our sites make it easy for your customers to complete a sale and can be set up to function as an online store, if that’s what your brand needs.

Cutting Edge Coding

Trust our technical experts to make sure that the foundation of your website design is running perfectly to create more interactive and tailored aspects of the site. Our coders have you covered, whether your site requires HTML, CSS, or another programming language

Fast and Secure Hosting

Security and SEO blend together with simplified hosting to make sure that both you and your customers are protected. Stuff happens out on the world wide web. Trust your website’s security to us.

Tailored WordPress

Your new website will come built on the world’s most common content management system, which means your website will be compatible with Google’s frequent updates. (And as search engine marketers and web designers, trust us when we say that Google updates FREQUENTLY.) WordPress also comes with a wide array of themes and plugins, which means we can find EXACTLY what you need for color, design, lay out, and site structure.

Google Analytics Cohesiveness

Google Analytics lets you keep track of your website’s performance and digital marketing effectiveness so that you know you have a profitable website. This software lets you know which pages visitors are seeing, where they’re coming from, if they’re using mobile or desktop, their demographics, and their behavior when on your site. This is extremely useful for search engine marketing and helps us know what pages of the site are performing and which ones need to be adjusted for better results.

Third Party Compatibility

Do you have another business need not covered here? Our websites are built to be adaptable to your situation. Depending on what you need, we’ll work to make sure it’s compatible with the site at launch, whether that’s a scheduling service, a chatbot, a review request system or some other special consideration.

More Than Just a Fort Wayne Web Design Company

Designing that dream website is only just the beginning!

We’re happy to build you a website and let that be it, but we’re also happy to continue to maintain and service it after launch. Broken links, 404 messages, title tag issues, and formatting problems will happen on any website, as the web is always changing, and having our team continually monitor and improve the site is an option a lot of our web clients choose

Additionally, any business will have employee turnover, products added or dropped, and locations closed and opened and we recommend additional web maintenance to make sure those changes are reflected digitally.

Then there’s the issue of other growth opportunities:

A great website is the foundation of a profitable marketing strategy and we thus might recommend additional services to give your website even more zip. Search queries on Google and Bing are only one way that your website can convert visitors into clients.

Social media promotion to ensure repeat customers, pay-per-click advertising to your target customer, and content marketing centered around the most profitable search queries related to your industry can take your website into the stratosphere!

We’d love to discuss your unique marketing needs and how a website fits into those needs.

High touch, very personal, knowledgeable team. They didn’t just sign me up then forget about me. JSL regularly follows up with me to see if I have any questions. I LOVE THAT! While I’ve been with them for less than a year, I have noticed an increase in my leads and see progress being made in the right direction.

Kim L.


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

Our Fort Wayne clients are raving about JSL Marketing & Web Design’s services. To see more receipts of JSL’s excellence, click the link below to see more of our reviews on Google!

Award-Winning Web Design Fort Wayne Indiana

This process has helped us produce amazing websites with equally amazing clients over the years. Our client testimonials speak to how effective our team is, if you want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth!

We also have the awards and recognition to back it up as well! See below for some of our awards!

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