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Peace of Mind is a New York City based psychotherapy and counseling practice that bridges the gap between traditional therapy and creativity. Its team of experienced psychotherapists helps their patients to clear a path for further relational developments and self-discovery, and provide them with healthier ways to communicate and cope.


New York City, New York


Counseling, Mental Health, Wellness

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Website Design & Development

Setting Well Founded Targets

The Peace of Mind website’s aesthetics needed to exude a sense of safety and peace, while captivate the audience through artistic details and meditative ambiences. The client was looking for a color palette that would have been sensitive to all genders and orientations, and which all age groups would find comfort and tranquility in. They were also firm on using drawings rather than pictures as main visual elements.

Both the illustrations and colors, which were already characterizing the feel of the website, required to be embedded on a minimal and effortless layout so that the user wouldn’t be confused and overwhelmed by an excessive amount of design elements. For this reason, each section is clearly delineated and comprises plenty of negative space.

Art, Design, and Therapy

The illustrations were fundamental to add the artistic twist the site needed. The aim of the website to appeal to users from all backgrounds, leaded our research to an abstracted style that would have depicted recognizable subjects from the real world. With the palette already presenting a wide variety of color options, simple and clean continuous line drawings (those in which a single, unbroken like is used to construct the illustration) seemed to be the most appropriate choice. Our designer selected a variety of images which she then reinterpreted following the general guidelines that this drawing technique encompasses. With the help of our developer, some of the illustrations were animated through a line-tracing effect, making the landing page noticeably more appealing and delightful.

Phenomenal company with even better people. I used and still use them today for my start up company. They have been patient and knowledgeable with my team and myself every step of the way. Communicate well and are very timely, too. I’d give six stars if it was an option. Highly recommend.”


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