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Professional Transition Strategies is a team of professional dental practice brokers. They help those who are selling a dental practice or buying a dental practice have the information they need to do it more successfully. They act as the practitioner who is responsible for ensuring that whatever plan you decide to pursue is executable, realistic, and has an outcome you will be happy with.


Colorado Springs, Colorado


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Website Design & Development

An Ambitious Start

Professional Transition Strategies contacted JSL in a time of change. Their business was expanding on a national scale and they had recently noticed that more clients were there to stay for the long run. With that in mind, features such as a map that would display their many locations, and a live chat had to be necessarily included so that they could manage the interactions with their large audience. As their main activity consists of selling, renting, and relocating dental practices, they wanted their new website to be aesthetically geared towards doctors. It was crucial for them to identify more with the clinical side of their practice rather than the financial side.

The last challenge consisted in finding a solution to lay out in a digestible manner the large amount of content each page needed to display and preserve the SEO progresses their team made up to this point.

Professional Basis and Fun Twists

Our designer combined UX attentiveness and aesthetic mindfulness to create a product Professional Transition Strategies can be proud of. The new website is built with the intention of displaying the business’ professionalism and clinical basis, but it also discloses a humorous and affable side. The color selected for the design are steel and dark, midnight blue, with pink-orange elements that are equally distributed in the layout. The fonts utilized are bold, modern, and directed to make the large amount of content easy to discern, read, and hierarchize. Flat, colorful rectangles and squares not only serve as decorative additions to the images, they are also used in the form of floating boxes and sections which enclose more content to display through secondary clicks. Finally, the design is further enriched with colorful, geometric background patterns and fun animation twists, such as the team headshots switches on hover.

Our design and development team made sure that the features the client initially requested being kept on the website, are functionally integrated in the new design and that are properly working on the website’s desktop, tablet, and mobile versions.

Phenomenal company with even better people. I used and still use them today for my start up company. They have been patient and knowledgeable with my team and myself every step of the way. Communicate well and are very timely, too. I’d give six stars if it was an option. Highly recommend.”


CEO of Triumphant Transition Partners

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