James Eats Good Food full color logo

James Eats Good Food is a YouTube series born from our CEO James’s passion for food and for supporting small, local businesses.

James was looking for a colorful and dynamic brand, that would stand out among the other food blogs and cooking vlog channels, but was having a hard time putting his ideas into words. After properly researching this field, as well as exploring modern design trends outside the food industry, the JSL team was able to successfully translate James’s original vision into a compelling and joyful design.

The Brand

JSL Marketing & Web Design starts every branding project by analyzing and understanding the client’s “why” and the business’s intention. Working for one of our own projects was not any different.

Through collaborative communication among its members, the JSL team came up with three original concepts:

JEGF Grayscale logo


What is more unique than an individual’s facial features? This logo was directly inspired by the face of the business owner, adding personality and originality to the branding campaign.

JEGF Logo design option


Pizza is James’s favorite dish; it was only fair to play with the shape of a slice of pizza to create a fun interaction between iconography and typography within the logo.

JEGF Logo design


While the first two options were mainly built on James’s personality and preferences, the third option was heavily inspired by the process of associating the shapes and composition of food to letterforms, in this case, the “J”.

The Website

The original idea for the website relied on mirroring the compacted appearance of the font used in the logo, thus the website needed something that would set a more welcoming and energetic tone to it. For the website to look visually compelling and dynamic, James suggested including geometric shapes that would overlap and interact with the images and sections of each page. However, it was important for our team to come up with a series of graphic elements which, when utilized appropriately, would not distract the viewer or divert the attention away from the business’s objective.

James Eats Good Food MacBook Design Mockup

The new color scheme greatly influenced the building of the website, but the aim of making it stand out among the competition was a challenge on its own.


Our design team came up with a series of geometric elements that break the sectioning of the website, permitting dynamic interactions to occur. Although most of these were abstract in nature, the inclusion of illustrated imagery helped to emphasize the business identity and main theme.


The videos and imagery produced by our video production team added quality to the final product, while the choice of the imagery became crucial to establish the liveliness of this design. Through in-depth research and accurate selection, the team provided compelling images that would add color and interest to the site.

Actionable Direction

Strategic calls-to-action were placed throughout the site. Whenever information was offered, the user was shown an option where they could act on that information, whether it was by clicking a button to another page, filling out a form, or encouraging them to stay on the page longer.

Video Production

We relied on the same principles to create the thumbnails and graphics for the profuse video library that distinguishes this business; a video library which JSL was also responsible to produce! 

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