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J+A Productions offers one of the best wedding and event DJ services thanks to their passion for helping people come together and making memories over music.

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Jon and his wife Ashley came to JSL in need of a full rebrand for their business, a task which not only included developing a concept for the logo and the business’s website but also involved rethinking the name of the business itself. 

When Jon first approached us, our team immediately realized that we had to devise a name that would not only pinpoint the brand but would also positively influence the visibility of the business. By closely working with our client and researching the matter, “J + A Productions” was born. Afterwards, we came up with a plan of action that successfully fulfilled the client’s needs through our copywriting, SEO, and design services. 

The Logo

After the business’s name was finalized, it was time to work on the logo and additional brand assets. Their old logo was too large and the graphics were slightly overwhelming, causing it to look outdated and out of place. These elements made its placement in smaller areas much more challenging than what would regularly be expected from modern logo design.

The new logo is simple, fresh, fun, and versatile. The graphics are inspired by the vibrancy and liveliness of music and the fonts used along with it express the universality of this art form as well as the energetic character of the services offered by J + A Productions. While we kept a similar color palette to that of the previous logo, the new color tonalities appear more vibrant to stand out on any neutral background. Our decision of separating the old graphics from the textual portion of the logo by creating an autonomous icon enabled the logo to be adaptable to different layouts and created an additional component to be used independently for brand recognition.   


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JA Productions Business Logo

The Website

The old website was entirely built on a single page and was relying exclusively on images to attract the user’s interest due to a severe lack of content. While the content was surely the area that was suffering the most, from a design standpoint, the layout was minimal, it was missing focal areas, and was seemingly built on a standard template.

During our research, we noticed that too many DJ agencies in the area were not focusing enough resources on the aesthetic value of their branding, but more specifically their websites. We understood that if J + A Productions really wanted to be outstanding with their website design, we had to produce something unique that would move away from the trends popular in their industry.

JA Productions MacBook web design mockup

After researching the industry, our team was certain that the new website was going to stand out among the competition.


As previously mentioned, the textual portion of the website was certainly in need of immediate improvement. Our copywriting team worked extensively to guarantee easily readable content as well as providing thorough information about the history and services provided by the business. With more detailed content in place, we were able to craft an improved sitemap. 

Layout Design

The layout of each page is boldly divided into sections, yet their outlines are constantly broken by images and graphics, conferring a sense of unity to the structure of the page. Each module is designed to reflect the spirit of the service described in each section, helping the viewer to visualize the high-quality entertainment provided by J+A Productions.

Images usage

The images on the new site are presented in an innovative, fun way, often overlapping each other and interacting with the vibrant gradient of the logo. Additionally, we included new, interactive elements, such as scrolling animations and graphic interactions, to add on the dynamism and exuberant character of the site.

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