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Force Advising is a team of experts in the Salesforce and business consulting ecosystem, united after experiencing the frustration of witnessing their clients overpay for this kind of service.

Force Advising’s main objective is guaranteeing the best service at the most convenient price, through a thorough thought process that enables the client to be involved during each step, all the while knowing exactly what they are paying for. 

The Problem

Force Advising’s old website was fairly forthcoming and easy to use, all the while being mobile-friendly and seemingly adaptable to different screen sizes. However, the website was unremarkable. JSL promptly started to work on two different wireframes to present to the client; however, the option they ultimately decided to move forward with was not precisely matching what they had previously envisioned. JSL always aims to exceed each of our client’s expectations; for this reason, our design team promptly scheduled a call to address the issue.

The Final Design​

Once we established the features the client wished the website to incorporate, the designer came up with a solution that would successfully combine the original design with the client’s new requests.

Force Advising’s new website is easy to navigate, bold, and aesthetically functional. While the website uses a relatively neutral color palette with the only exception being the bright cyan tint used for the buttons and some of the links, the sections on each page are clearly delineated by floating boxes, images, and, at times, light-colored backgrounds. This unpretentious and bald outlook enables the content, the images, and, more importantly, the calls-to-action to be the pivotal points of the design. The fonts implemented are striking and to the point, in such a manner that finding all information becomes effortless. The graphics utilized to explicate Force Advising’s process were also improved to suit the digital environment.

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