Evoke is a business consulting agency helping organizations to become more strategic, more focused, and more intentional, starting with their core values.

Evoke needed a modern and sleek website that was also easy to navigate, all while reflecting their core values of transparency, service, dedication, and discernment.

Beginning Concept

The first challenge the designer had to face was the absence of a previously established brand. While it may seem an easy task, designing a website from scratch is actually more complicated than people usually presume because it allots to the designer two additional responsibilities: create and implement visual characteristics that would make the company discernable from its competitors, and determine the entire aesthetic direction of the website. Both of these tasks are usually determined by the client at the outset but when they’re not, they exponentially increase the amount of creative effort required to accomplish them.

The Website

The website is schematical and blocky, yet the interaction and the overlapping of different visual elements – such as images, floating boxes, and blocks of bold colors – tie each section with the previous one, allowing the different pages to feel like part of a cohesive whole. Additionally, each block displays elements of visual interest to keep the viewer’s attention alive without diverting the focus from the content. The images are purposely left in black and white to reinforce the stylishness of the established color palette, while the icons use delimited splashes of color to cohere with the final design. Niveau Grotesk, the main font utilized for the name of the business, the headers, the subheaders, and CTA, is striking, audacious, and blunt – it accurately epitomizes the mission and ethics of the business.

While the overall appearance of the website is pleasing to the eye, the straightforward navigation and accessibility of the site are what makes it outstanding.

Evoke web design homepage

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Mobile and tablet responsiveness is a must for all modern and highly rated websites, and as such, JSL prioritizes it in all of our clients’ projects.

Evoke’s website was adjusted in such a way that it would echo the original design while keeping content readability and image resizing as the prime concerns. Additionally, the buttons and links have been readjusted to fit smaller screens, allowing them to remain clickable at all times from different devices.

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