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ACE (Always Communicate Effectively) brings private speech therapy from a Speech Language Pathologist directly to your home, working side-by-side with patients of all ages and backgrounds in Central and Eastern Michigan.

Being a well-rounded Speech-Language Pathologist, Raechel Schilke, owner and founder of ACE, was in search of a company that would work with her on creating brand standards that would reflect the cheerfulness and positivity that emerges from her personality and, consequently, her company. JSL was more than enthusiastic to embark in this journey with her.

The Brand

JSL worked extensively with our client to determine the mission, values, and personality of ACE in the Mitten and then work to create imagery that reflected each of their main cornerstones. The most fundamental principle of ACE in the Mitten was ‘togetherness’. Language, and our ability to communicate with each other, drives our relationships and our ability to connect with others, so it was important to convey that connection in a way that was easily recognizable. We did this by using speech bubbles pointed towards each other to symbolize conversation.

Another cornerstone that the logo absolutely needed to touch on was “communication”. Although the speech bubbles may seem to convey this on their own, some communication is non-verbal. For this reason, we added an easter egg to this logo. If anyone were to input the dots and dashes shown in the speech bubble, they would see that it would spell out the the letters A.C.E. This inclusion added a spark of ingenuity that delighted our client and thoroughly conveyed the concept intended.


ACE in the mitten large business logo

Designing the Website

Once JSL established the brand by working closely with ACE and taking into consideration their preferences and needs, it was time to start developing the new website. Raechel has worked with patients from birth to 105, in both medical and educational settings, thus it was essential for the website design to be suitable for all ages and all fields of study, while maintaining the positive outlook of the brand. 

ACE in the mitten web design mockup on a macbook

JSL worked extensively to make sure that the new website was accessible and aesthetically suitable to all age groups


Our copywriting team broke down the content of the site into smaller digestible paragraphs. Additionally, due to the plethora of services that ACE offers to their clients, some of this content is organized into grids and boxes to facilitate the finding of the service a user is specifically looking for.


The vibrant and joyful brand colors are interacting with each other through the use of gradients on each page, embellishing the website with colorful visual breaks. The images are thoughtfully placed and combined with colorful graphics, mimicking the bubbly essence of the business.

Actionable Direction

Call-to-action buttons are frequently displayed, encouraging the user to explore every section of the website, either by redirecting them to each paragraph’s respective page or by encouraging anyone to directly contact the business.

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