The Law of Averages (And How It Changes the Game)

If you’ve spent any time with me in a business capacity, then you’ve probably heard me talk about my business view in relation to the Law of Averages, but what exactly am I talking about? Math equations? Mean, median, and mode?

Not quite.

I’m actually talking about the fact that (on average) you’ll land at least some of your traffic, or, you’ll convert some of your potentials into customers. This means the more eyes on your site or business, the more leads you will get, and the more leads you get, the better your odds are that some of them will be qualified and choose to work with you.

At its most simple – how many customers will you get if no one knows you exist? Zero, of course. How many customers will you get if lots of people know you exist? At the very least, more than zero.

This isn’t to say you don’t have to be a good company, it’s simply saying that you need to not only be a good company – you also have to be good at advertising, getting out there, and responding to every lead.

Let’s look at the Law of Averages a little more closely and see why I think it’s one of the most important business rules of our time, especially in the online world.

Why is the Law of Averages Important?

The Law of Averages is important because it deals with both SEO and traditional advertising all wrapped up into one neat, little law.

SEO is all about trying to get higher rankings and therefore, better traffic (more clicks, customers, and closings) by making your site nicer. Essentially, SEO is about getting your website, product, or service in front of as many people as possible – sounds a lot like advertising, doesn’t it?

If your site ranks well, then more people will visit it. If more people visit your site and you have a good business model, service, or product, then you’ll get more leads. If you get more leads, then odds are you’ll get more closings. This is the premise for old school adverts too – more people see it, more people inquire about your service/product, more sales/customers are made.

This might seem like an overly simplified concept, and it is, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. And this is why I think at any business’ core you have to be focused on both your service and your presence (or your business model and your website/SEO).

How Can I Take Advantage of the Law of Averages?

You can (and should) take advantage of this law by following up with every lead that comes through your doors.

Thirty years ago, this would look like greeting each customer and treating them like your most important client, however, now, much of business is done online, so you need to make sure you are keeping up with your form submissions, emails, calls, and digital meeting requests.

Did you know that many of my company’s clients ultimately chose us, JSL Marketing, because we were the most responsive and the first person to get back to them after they submitted a form? Usually within just an hour or two.

Of course, this bumps our ‘average’ much higher than mere chance. Which brings me to my next (and most important) point.

The Law of Averages Should Be Your Baseline

This point is to say that your ‘average’ should be just the beginning. If even a terrible website or company will occasionally get a lead, then yours should be getting many more. This means you need to marry great service, customer care, responsiveness, and a well curated website in order to meet your true potential.

Merely lazily following up with leads that trickle in without really giving value might get you the occasional client or sale, but that is the bare minimum. Instead, know that you should answer every lead because the Law of Averages says so, but then go above and beyond to wow each and every potential lead. I bet you’ll be impressed by how quickly your baseline for successful closures or sales grows.

Ready to Find Your Average Baseline & Then Blow it Out of the Water?

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