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Your search for Allen, TX SEO ends here! SEO is a tough business, both for industry experts and small brands looking to grow their presence on the Internet. The process of optimizing web content to be easily found and read by search engines might be a straightforward definition, but the execution of that definition can be challenging.

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

There are a lot of abbreviations in the digital marketing industry and it can be hard to keep them all straight. For those of you who don’t know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. At its most basic level, SEO is all about one goal: being found by customers on the search engine results pages of Google, Bing, and other search engines. Simple, right?

Well, not quite. Search engine optimization has come a long way with Google’s massive algorithmic improvements in the last few years and that has made the industry a more complicated beast. Early SEO involved quite a bit of ‘keyword stuffing’ or constant and repetitive use of popular search terms and their close variations.

This worked to an extent, but as Google grew smarter, SEO grew with it. Now, search engine optimization is a massive specialty, involving over 200 ranking factors. Each of those ranking factors could fill a book, but below are some of the most common factors.

Our Strategies Typically Include Things Such As:

  • Backlinking
  • Keyword Density
  • Sitemap
  • Site Load Speed
  • Security
  • Reputation & Authority
  • Usability
  • Image Optimization

Again, there are currently 200 Google ranking factors, so don’t take the above as an exhaustive list, just a quick guide.

Allen, TX’s Top SEO Pick

No two websites are the same or even similar. Those 200 ranking factors make it virtually impossible for two defunct sites to have the same list of problems. One site may be user-friendly, but suffer from broken backlinks and poor-quality content, and another may have great content but have no sitemap present for Google to utilize.

This makes it critical that any SEO agency or SEO expert you work with properly identify what needs to be updated on your site. SEO can’t be cookie-cutter, so be sure to review a project plan before any work is done on your website.

Our SEO Process is Tried and True

Our SEO process at JSL Marketing & Web Design is designed to properly identify your website’s problem areas and present recommendations from the get-go! Needless and exploratory tampering with your website isn’t the right way to get fantastic SEO results, so our team puts together a project plan to streamline the process for everyone. This project plan lays out our formal recommendations, timelines, and key metrics to monitor.

Our Services

Allen’s #1 SEO Agency

You’ll notice that a lot of the Google ranking factors noted above are not SEO-exclusive. For instance, an SEO agency or SEO team can better the usability of a website, but they really can’t change much if the site isn’t properly designed. Likewise, if the SEO agency isn’t able to replace poorly-written web content, other site improvements won’t have as much of an impact as they could.

That’s why an inter-linked marketing strategy is a better investment for most small businesses. The melding of web design, SEO, and content writing is a powerful alliance, one that allows us more leeway to create amazing SEO results! If interested, we can discuss any of the following:

Web Design & Development

A good SEO strategy is more than just the words on a page. It’s the elegance and creativity in which they are displayed.

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Having a content marketing strategy in place is so important. It’s all about making sure your copy is useful and informative to your readers.

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Social Media

More than just a social platform, developing and implementing a social media strategy is a great way to show Google your brand is reputable!

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Email Marketing

By utilizing an efficient, email marketing strategy, you can widen your audience and generate increased traffic to your site!

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Paid Media & SEM

Rank higher than ever by utilizing other marketing mediums such as Paid Media & SEM. This will supercharge your SEO strategy!

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Are You Ready for Even More?

If you’re impressed, we have great news! There’s more where that came from. Click below to see the full list of services that JSL has to offer.

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A talented SEO agency needs to be technically savvy, creative, and competitive if they want to drive amazing results for their search clients. Throw in constantly shifting Google standards, the search volume particulars of certain industries, and the perpetual tweaking that occurs with new SEO strategies and you’ve got yourself a tough field to compete in.

When you need amazing SEO in Allen, don’t entrust the future of your business to just any SEO freelancer or agency. Pick an SEO agency with the industry credentials, client reviews, and search expertise you need to dominate your local market. The right SEO strategy could vault you to the top of Allen, TX’s search results and dramatically increase your website traffic!

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For all your Allen SEO needs, turn to JSL Marketing & Web Design! While we are immensely proud of our SEO work in the Dallas area, our opinion doesn’t matter. Our clients have the final say. Thankfully, they’ve found our SEO work to be amazing!

Our project began with an in-depth conversation with one of the owners about our goals and priorities. He had already audited our website, outlined some necessary technical fixes, and explained which keywords we ranked for and where we could improve. Within a day, they had assembled a proposal, an audit of our website, a list of keywords, our ranking, and suggestions about how to improve!”


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