Why You Need Social Media Marketing

social media marketing with laptopSocial media marketing is becoming more and more expected by consumers, especially as the scales of time continue to tip in the direction of Millennials, who will be the largest generation by the end of 2018.

The use of social media platforms and websites in marketing to promote a business, product or service is becoming as necessary as paper ads, radio commercials, and TV adverts were in their respective eras.

However, the difference now is that a lack of social media marketing presence can snowball and lower your visibility, Search Engine Rankings (SEO), and for all intents and purposes make you invisible to your target audience’s searches.

Social media is used in a plethora of ways, marketing being just one corner, but it is a beneficial corner and one that isn’t difficult to step toward. Here are some of our top reasons why social media marketing is not just an aid, but a need, for modern business looking to thrive in this technology revved age.

Branding: Easily Stretch Your Reach Through Varied Social Media

You can work very hard to create a brand, a feel, and a voice for your company or service, and you should, but how does all that hard word benefit you if it’s never seen or heard? This is where social media marketing can help!

With a few clicks, a little time, and a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing, you can have a multitude of social media platforms with your brand all over them. You can reach the 336 million Twitter users, 2.2 billion Facebook users, and 700 million Instagram users without leaving your office. And you can reach them in a meaningful way, with personality, information and authenticity, something customers are looking for.

SEO is King: Boost Your Rankings with Social Media Marketing

As mentioned in previous blogs as well as above, SEO is one of the most important areas when it comes to moving your marketing (or even just visibility) online. If you want to boost traffic, business and search-to-sale ratios (conversion rates) then having strong Search Engine Rankings are more than helpful, they are the biggest factor in your success.

When done correctly, and you have multiple social media platforms sharing your brand, name, information or links, you show up more in searches. Showing up more in searches means the possibility for more clicks, and each click is a potential customer, looking for a company just like yours.

Replies and Retweets: Build Relationships with Your Target Audience

Posting regularly is great, but customers don’t want automation, or generic content, they expect real people and interaction. Think of social media marketing as your customer’s first experience with you, before they ever walk through your doors, their first impression, and you want to make sure it’s a good one, a real one.

Customer’s want individualization, authentic interactions and customization, this means replying, being relevant and building relationships with your potential customers. Because despite the stigma of social interaction via online platforms, interactions online and through social media marketing build brand loyalty and can create strong allegiance in your target audience.

Convinced Yet? Social Media Marketing is Here to Stay!

And chances are, your competition has already jumped onto this very sturdy bandwagon.

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