The Videos are Coming, Are You Ready? [Why 2019 is the Year of Video]

Video Marketing (or using videos in your digital and content marketing strategies) has been surging in popularity in recent years, and our team at JSL Marketing knows 2019 will only continue this trend.

That’s one of the reasons we had video shoots in both Dallas and San Diego this Spring (and, of course, because it was fun). We fully expect videos to become an even bigger part of digital marketing in the coming year – and we can’t wait!

Learn Why Video is Taking Over in 2019

The People Want Videos

Every study – and we mean every study – shows that people want video. So, give the people what they want!

Short videos, long videos (within reason), funny videos, emotional videos, educational videos, it doesn’t matter as long as it is a motion picture. And everyone knows it.

Some of the biggest names in digital marketing and SEO education have made it clearly known that videos do better than emails, social images, blogs, or PDF/downloadable content.

HubSpot’s chart below shows the numbers:

Video chart from Hubspot

But if you’re thinking ‘54% isn’t that much’, know this – many predictions place video traffic at up to 80% in 2019. Which means if you aren’t taking videos, posting videos, and keeping up with the trends, you could be missing out on 80% of your audience.

All of the trends, research, and data seems to be saying that video isn’t just a fad, it’s taking over and it’s here to stay.

More Videos, More Conversions

Just like statistics are singing video’s praises when it comes to customer preferences and traffic, research is also coming out that shows that videos convert and pull engagement at much higher rates than email marketing or ‘traditional’ ads.

In fact, according to our good friends at Forbes, 90% of customers say video helps them make decisions on what products to buy and over 60% say that seeing videos makes them more likely to buy. These are crazy numbers!

But the stats don’t end there! Check out these 25 video marketing stats to help boost your confidence and convince your team that you need video in 2019.

Still aren’t sure if videos are here to stay? Look at the types of videos that companies are already pouring their resources into.

Types of video investments bar chart

If all types of companies are already investing in video – especially product videos and demos, they must be paying off. And they are.

Videos create confidence in your product. In many ways, pictures became the new reviews, and now videos are becoming the new pictures.

If you want better conversion rates (like we all do) then give your customers the confidence to buy with a video showing your product or service, or educational content for your audience.

The numbers don’t lie.

More Engagement, More Effective

Yes, video is what your audience wants to see. And yes, video has a higher conversion rate. So, is it surprising that videos also are much more effective at grabbing your customers’ attention and pulling extra engagement from them?

This means that video is not only good for sales, but also for brand awareness, even if you aren’t trying to increase your sales just yet. Brand awareness can increase your audience and their trust in you – and trust is huge, especially with millennials and their buying practices.

societal trust graph from washington post

According to the above Washington Post chart, societal trust is declining, especially in businesses, which means you have to work extra hard to make your brand ‘one of the good ones’ – and video is a great way to do that.

Are You Ready to Take the Leap into Video in 2019?

Want a fun bonus stat? Over 85% of Facebook videos are played without sound – and even our team at JSL is guilty of this.

How does this statistic help you?

It means you either need to have a quick blurb stating your video is ‘better with sound’ before it starts or in the caption. Or you need to optimize it on mute – essentially meaning you need subtitles.

Want more stats and tips from JSL Marketing? Contact us today to get your video marketing strategy rolling!