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Sales Coaching with James Leff of JSL Marketing

Looking for high-quality sales training & sales coaching that can guarantee results out of your sales team? Or are you looking to personally improve your sales results within your organization, earning you higher commissions and increasing your company’s revenue?

I can help!

My name is James Leff, and I’m based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as a sales coach and sales trainer.  I’m passionate about helping individuals and businesses grow their sales exponentially. My belief is you can turn a B-Player into an A-Player and it starts with the right coach, who can instill confidence!

I remember my first sales job after college. It was entry level sales and I was selling subscriptions for the local newspaper in Grand Rapids, MI.  My first week on the job, my boss asked if I was writing fake orders because they had never seen anyone get the sales and results I was getting, especially in the first week.  I was confused because I was just doing what they trained me to do and following the techniques that they taught us.  Or was I? I guess I can say with humility that God has blessed me in the area of sales and sales training.  Over my career of 12 plus years in the sales & marketing industry, I have been able to become #1 for every organization I have worked for, and have gone on to own and operate my own company.

Some of my achievements include:

#1 in sales for a large corporation with a sales force of over 1300.

#1 sales trainer in a large company and promoted to owner within 6 months because of my sales training results and performance.  During this time I was able to see the sales team I was overseeing increase their sales productivity by up to 300% with some individuals.

Successful business owner.

Proven relationship builder with sales staff, employees, and clients.

Former pastor who understands human nature and has used this to help solve people’s problems with sales and in the training process.


Dallas Sales Coaching and Sales Training James Leff

Top Notch Sales Training and Sales Coaching in Dallas – Forth Worth and Across the Country

As a keynote speaker & sales trainer, I focus in on some powerful & proven methods that work. Also, I dig deeper with the psychology of the sale in my trainings. Some examples of what I teach include:

Dallas Sales Coaching and Sales Training James Leff
sales coaching in dallas with sarah and james

1. S.E.E.- Smile, Eye Contact, Enthusiasm! The way people perceive you in the first 10 seconds will determine if they want to do business with you!

2. Win your clients’ hearts, because you’re passionate about them!

3. How to influence your customer into believing they love the product or service but aren’t being sold!

sales coaching in dallas with sarah and james

Ready to Get Started?

Are you looking for your B-players to become A-players & your A-players to become sales all-stars? I have a unique and fun speaking style for your next event to keep your audience engaged, that is interactive.

Contact me today & let’s make your business & sales force more money, so everyone’s happy!

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