Web Design

Legendary Electric

Legendary Electric came to us needing a brand new website for their business, and we had such a great time flexing our creative muscles to come up with a layout and design that really worked for the business. We also loved that Legendary Electric is based in Dallas – we are passionate about working with local businesses!

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Legendary Electric Desktop screenshot

User Friendly

With a user-friendly design and an easy-to-navigate layout, Legendary Electric’s website turned out great. Our goal was to create a unique website that worked with Legendary’s existing logo and color scheme, while also keeping everything clean, simple, and minimalistic.

Legendary Electric Mobile Screenshot

Mobile Friendly

Of course, the site is mobile friendly and fully responsive. At JSL Marketing & Web Design we design all our sites with mobile responsiveness in mind – because the vast majority of us look at websites directly from our phones.

Legendary Electric Desktop Screenshot

Clean and Modern

When all was said and done, we ended up with a website that was both clean and modern, yet also allowed Legendary Electric’s personality to shine through. We loved how this website turned out and wish Legendary the best of luck going forward.