Web Design

BFT Financial

When BFT Financial approached us about creating a new website for their company, we were really excited to take on the challenge. Our goal was to create a site that was serious but also fun and creative.

Reader Interactions

Modern Design

We really tried to utilize imagery to create a design that was both clean and modern, but also creative and interesting at the same time. The site was mainly informational, but we also created a backend login area for reps to access certain documents.

Mobile Friendly

Of course, the site is mobile friendly and fully responsive. At JSL Marketing & Web Design we design all our sites with mobile responsiveness in mind – because the vast majority of us look at websites directly from our phones.

Solid Results

Overall, we love how the BFT Financial site turned out and we really had a great time creating the design and layout. Everything came together quite nicely in the end and the brand’s modern nature was highlighted throughout.