Personalized SEO: The Importance of Knowing your Target Audience

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If you are looking at beginning your personalized SEO journey but need some direction, then target audience research and decisions are the best starting point. Once you have a company, service or product, you have to figure out who will be using it, who wants it, who needs it and why!

Think of it like being at an archery range – you have to know which target you are aiming at before you can ever take a shot! Once you know your target audience, you can market in a much more accurate way because you’ll have the direction, research results and knowledge to do so.

Take Millennials for example. 22-35 year-olds have very different ways of searching, shopping, and sharing than their predecessors or Generation Z, which is quickly growing up and joining the consumers of America.

So who is your target audience? And how do you get to know them? What do they want? And what do they expect from your marketing? What do you expect from your target audience personalized SEO?

These are all excellent questions, and will all be answered below! And afterwards, check out our previous blog post on How to Market to Millennials if they are your target audience!

Who is your Target Audience?

This is the very first question you must ask yourself, and you are probably quite familiar with it, as we bet you asked yourself this when you were designing your product, company or service. But for marketing purposes, you need to take a second and closer look at this question.

If you are a wedding photographer, your target audience might seem quite varied and too vague to really make personalized SEO for, but this isn’t the case! Do you deal with high-end locations, destinations and extravagant affairs? Then you are looking at a different target audience than if you mostly deal with small, intimate or rustic wedding venues.

Continuing the example, did you know that the average ages for marriage used to be 22 and 20 for men and women respectively in 1960? Or that those ages have risen to 27 and 29 in 2018? This means you are dealing with a rather specific demographic which research can help you understand, making personalized SEO not only possible, but easy!

Now, of course, averages are just that, but these research results can help you immensely in your marketing. They can help you identify your target audience as well as their general preferences. But let’s take it a step further and see what your target audience wants.

What Does your Target Audience Want?

Using a new example and theme, let’s pretend you are a roofing company. Everyone needs a roof, right? So personalized SEO and knowing your target audience isn’t important, right?


Your target audience has specific needs and preferences and if you don’t offer them, they’ll look elsewhere! Maybe they want a free roof inspection, maybe they expect quick responses or great reviews, maybe a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Regardless of what your target audience is looking for, you have to deliver it if you want their business, and before you can deliver it, you have to know it. Find your niche and do it well!

Valèr Zamulin, founder of Seologist expands on this:

“You are bound to be “shooting blanks” in your keyword strategy if you don’t thoroughly understand your buyer personas. Only when you really know your target audience’s precise pain points and needs, you will zero in on the exact keywords that work and save yourself time and money.”

If you provide free roof inspections, then make that one of your SEO keywords for your area, and give it a prominent spot on your site. If you will beat competitors pricing, make that known! Or if you want to work mainly with businesses, industrial sites or gated, luxury neighborhoods and high-end residential roofs, make that evident on your site.

Find what your target audience needs and then deliver it with style, ease and quality.

Where Does your Target Audience Get Their Information?

This is a great way to understand your target audience as its been shifting more and more to online research, but not everyone has made the jump! If your target audience is anywhere beneath age 60, then your online services better be top-notch.

However, if your niche is catering to an older generation, a strong site it still important, but having phone support may be more needed than when dealing with, say, Millennials who generally hate using phones for voice-to-voice calls.

Knowing which review sites, lists, and business bureaus get the most hits and then reaching out to them can be a great way to raise your exposure in your target audience without too much extra leg-work.

If certain sites, like Yelp or Angie’s List, rank well in searches for your business area, then consider getting on their list a great investment. Make sure you are in tune to what your target audience reads, searches, and trusts, as then they will be more willing to trust you and your work too.

Need Help with your Target Audience? We Can Help!

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