Web Design


When A&L Foam approached up about creating a new website for their business, we were excited to get started! They were looking for something modern and up to date, but also subtle without all the flashy pulls that some industries use, so we got straight to work coming up with a creative solution that would meet their needs, stylistic desires, and industry.

Mobile Friendly

Of course, the site is mobile-friendly and fully responsive. At JSL Marketing & Web Design we design our sites with mobile responsiveness at the forefront of our minds – because many of us look at websites directly from our phones, and what’s the point of having a website if it cannot be viewed via all online mediums?

A & L Foam's website on a desktop

Optimized and Excellent Results

We love the way that A&L Foam’s site turned out! It’s much cleaner and more informative than their previous site, and we felt as though everything flowed well together. This was a fun project to work on, and we’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to optimize it over time with SEO for A&L, too!

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