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Professional Medical Website Design Services

When it comes to healthcare the internet has done a lot to change the industry. Many of these developments have been great (think telehealth and all that this technology can do for underprivileged patients). Other developments have been less helpful (looking at you, anti-vaxers and WedMD.) Regardless of if the cumulative effect has been positive or negative, digital transformations are shaking up the medical industry. And your practice isn’t immune from this.

Your patients are turning to Google more and more when making decisions about potential healthcare providers and news in the healthcare industry and a subpar medical website design could turn them off from your practice before they even make it to the bottom of your homepage! Your medical website’s design needs to be easy to use and in line with the latest usability and design trends in order to make a website user into a patient.

If a healthcare organization has a medical website that doesn’t give patients a pleasant user experience, that organization may very well lose that patient’s business, because a subpar website looks unprofessional – and no one wants an unprofessional doctor!

If you need a healthcare website design project to showcase your medical credentials and patient testimonials, turn to JSL Marketing & Web Design. We have dozens of raving clients, years of experience, and would love to help make your next medical web design project a success!

Turn to our team for a mobile-responsive, SEO-compatible, and clean medical website design and development services!

Award-Winning Medical Web Design Company

If you’re considering a new medical or healthcare endeavor, you know that your practice needs a website. Healthcare providers aren’t immune from competition and your rival practices will benefit if they have a better website. If your competition is more visible in search results on Google and BING than your hospital or practice, you’ll have some major issues as your medical website sinks farther and farther down the SERPs (search engine ranking pages).

That’s why you’re on the right track by thinking about a new or redesigned website for your practice, hospital or medical group. However, choosing an expert in healthcare website design or the right medical website design company is a big choice. The wrong medical website design agency or web developer might not be able to deliver a website that will work for your industry at all!

Healthcare practices are vastly different from other small businesses and need to be presented accordingly.

There are medical website designers that can build you a cheap website hastily and then send you on your way, but this won’t take your practice where it needs to go.

Many medical practices also might want to use an e-commerce extension for over-the-counter products (think diabetic socks at a podiatrist’s office or contact solution at an ophthalmologist’s office), a telehealth system, a patient portal, or an appointment scheduling system. Website-mill agencies that promise to build and launch a website in two weeks are almost certainly using a templated website and then adjusting as need be. And they certainly won’t be able to offer those healthcare-specific extensions that many doctors and practice owners need.

Plus, there’s no guarantee that a web design agency like this is adequately protecting your patient’s data in a HIPAA – compliant way. While the idea of a fast turnaround time on a healthcare website is appealing, that same site could cause you massive amounts of regulatory heartache, time, and money if that agency doesn’t properly comply with HIPAA regulations.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with JSL Marketing & Web Design. We have the awards to speak to the quality-work our web designers, graphic artists, and UX developers have performed again and again.

2020 UpCity National Excellence Award Badge
Best Business of 2020 Award Badge
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GoodFirms Badge
Best Content Marketers in Dallas
The manifest top web design agencies in dallas

Benefits of a Professional Medical Website Design Company

In order to make your practice stand head and shoulders above the rest, we include several options in each website build that those one-and-done website providers simply can’t.

Google Analytics Enabled

Customized WordPress Build

Modern & Clean Coding Practices

E-Commerce Options

Strong, HIPAA-compliant hosting

Successful SEO Foundation

Now that you know the final product – what does that process look like? We’re something of an anomaly in the healthcare website design industry. Our “unicorn” team of UX designers, front-end developers, coders, and content writers operate cross-functionally and collaboratively in a way that most healthcare web design agencies just don’t and all without using cookie-cutter templates.

The result of this type of web development is that we’re able to use our process to determine your specific needs and goals and adjust our web development as needed – all in house.

Step 1: Healthcare Web Design Research

What insurances need to be displayed on this website? What networks is your medical practice in? Do you have new healthcare products and technologies to advertise?

Our team thinks through the specific needs of your practice, your patient base, and whatever considerations you need your website to have. As a medical practice, you’ll have certain industry-specific questions to ponder before we even begin work – and that’s what this step is for.

Stethoscope laying on a wooden table
Doctors Walking after getting a healthcare website design

Step 2: Plan Out Your Web Design Project

Our web developers scope out the project, set milestones, and dates for your revisions. Our timeline and meticulous plans ensure that your web design project isn’t held back by either side wondering who’s court the ball is in.

Step 3: Design & Execute Your New Medical Website

Our unicorns put rubber to the road! During the phase, our team takes all of the information gathered and works to design a truly fantastic website that will stand out in the medical field. 

Hospital Reception
JSL team members working on their laptops at a table

Step 4: Website Launch & Quality Control

We submit the final website for your approval and then painstakingly quality-control the finished product to make sure that it serves you and your patients well.

However, it doesn’t have to stop after launching this new medical website design…

Digital Marketing After Your Medical Website Design Services

If you’re considering a new healthcare website or web design project, you know that your practice needs a modern, sleek, and beautiful site that will stand out. Healthcare providers aren’t immune from competition.

Your website will function the way you need it to and will still generate new leads without additional marketing services. Your new healthcare web design will be mobile-friendly and SEO-compliant, and your practice will generate qualified online traffic from it.

However, you’ll want to have multiple marketing channels to find and acquire your perfect patient and new leads. Your website is only one of these marketing channels.

To really see the best type of return on investment for your web design project, you’ll want to be bringing in as many in-network and insured patients as possible. However, you’ll want to be reaching out to your existing patient base as well. For instance, one study found that a 5% increase in customer retention could increase profitability by over 50%!

Our digital marketing experts can use their expertise to add multiple marketing channels for your practice and serve as your marketing strategists! In order to best compliment your new website design, we might recommend several services, including:

and your rival practices will benefit if they have a better website. If your competition is more visible in search results on Google and BING than your hospital or practice, you have some major issues as your website sinks farther and farther down the SERPs (search engine ranking pages).

That’s why you’re on the right track by thinking about a new or redesigned website for your practice, hospital or group. However, choosing a website designer or website design agency is a big choice. The wrong medical website design agency or web developer might not be able to deliver a website that will work for your industry at all!

Social Media

Your patients may leave your practice, but they still want to know what’s happening in the practice once they leave. An active social media strategy reminds them of news in the practice, educates them on medical issues, and reminds them to refer their friends back to the practice.

Videography & Video Production

Medical practices especially can benefit from video marketing. Informative videography can be added to your service area pages to educate patients before they even give you a call!

Email Follow-Up

Use email marketing campaigns to draw back patients for reminders, checkups, and other routine care and increase your practice’s profitability.

Paid Media

Pay per click advertising is useful for any industry, but it might be especially useful for doctors. Exclude geographic areas that you can’t operate in and use targeted paid ads to drive appointments.

Content Marketing

You just paid for a website with a strong SEO foundation. Content marketing compliments that foundation and lets your new website be found more easily through search engines. Millions of users are turning to Google for healthcare specific questions every day. (Remember when we talked about WebMD?) Our content specialists work to answer those user questions with informative content that helps your website rank. We can discuss what might be the most effective for your particular medical specialty and then compose content titles for the blogs, white papers, service pages, FAQs, and e-books you need!

Digital Marketing

We love speaking to the cutting-edge marketing tactics our web design agency uses, but each case is unique. To really understand what your practice needs in order to be successful, we’d have to discuss the history of your practice, your long-term goals, your specialty, your medical accolades, and your geographical area. After that, we can discuss what marketing tactics can be used to further your marketing strategy! We never use one-size-fits-all marketing plans (just like we never make one-size-fits-all websites).

Call the Best Medical Website Designers to Start Your Next Project!

Our glowing client testimonials and thirty 5-star Google reviews say more than we ever could!

Are you ready to apply that design experience to your healthcare web project? We’re excited to work with you! Call JSL Marketing & Web Design at 877–514-0276 and one of our designers will reach out to you shortly!

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