How Much Does SEO Cost? [Infographic]

how much does seo cost

You know SEO is important, it’s something of a buzz-word in the marketplace lately, but what is it? Why do you need it? And why is it so darn important? We at JSL Marketing get these sorts of questions a lot, and though we think we are quite captivating and well-versed in our explanations, pictures are always more interesting!

That’s why we created this nifty infographic (information + graphics) to show you the wonder of SEO, without all that wondering!

From the very beginning (like how SEO is similar to an online stock market) to the deeper questions like what does SEO cost. All the way to a strong finish with great statistics about what SEO can do for your business, this infographic is not only packed with information but is fun and easy to read through too!

What is SEO?

SEO is constantly changing, and that means the first third of our shiny, new infographic has a hard job – defining something that’s always changing! But the job was no match for our expert team, as we give great explanations and analogies for SEO, without all the tech jargon.

Have you heard common myths about SEO? No? Well, maybe you actually have, but just didn’t know they were myths! Scary thought, right? But not anymore, we uncover three of the most common SEO myths and set the record straight! Because we think you should know what you need, and what you don’t, and we give it to you straight!

What Should SEO Cost?

Ever thought about getting SEO help, but assumed it was out of your budget? Ever wondered why there is such a spread in quotes for SEO projects? Or what those quotes even include?

In the second section of JSL Marketing’s SEO Infographic, we give some great questions to start with. Like audit vs. ongoing help, what your SEO hiring options are and what the costs and perks of content marketing add-ons include.

Need an SEO freelancer, consultant, or agency? Or maybe you have no idea which you need! Read on to see the prices, timelines, benefits, and expertise of all your options! Because we want you to make the right choice, even if that right choice isn’t us.

Why You Need SEO Today

SEO might seem like a fad and our groovy infographic might make you think it’s pretty trendy, but in reality, it’s here to stay! Check the numbers in section three if you want compelling evidence that we’re all stuck in the World Wide Web, and how that isn’t actually a bad thing!

So, go ahead, jump off the bridge all your friends are jumping from, the water’s fine! And with all the information from our infographic, you’re ready to take that plunge, make your choice, and get the very best SEO for your unique business’ needs!

We hope to hear from you soon for a complimentary 30-minute consultation or SEO audit! But even if not, share the love (and the knowledge) and repost this infographic to show your friends, customers, and employees just how SEO savvy you are!

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