How to Be a Better Digital Marketer in 2019

JSL Marketing & Web Design has had a stellar year and we don’t plan on slowing down.

But how can we keep growing? What’s our shiny secret? How do we continue to bring the very best in digital marketing to our customers each and every month?

No tricks, no shortcuts.

The truth is, we continue to grow, to improve, and to get our customers great results because we are constantly learning, studying, training, and trying new techniques which we then perfect and implement again.

Train. Try. Tweak. Repeat.

But we can break it down better than that for you. So, read on to see how you can become a better digital marketer in 2019 too!

We look forward to working with you and helping your business thrive like never before in 2019.

Train, Try, Tweak, Repeat

Train to Gain New Skills (Always)

This is one of the best parts of digital marketing, digital design, and SEO in general – it’s always changing, morphing, and improving.

This means you have to too. Even if you are an expert in a certain area, in six months you’ll have to reapply yourself there to keep up with the changes.

But don’t look at this as a burden. Instead, see this as the gift it truly is!

You can learn anything you want, become an expert, train, and see the innovations of your industry right before your eyes. Who knows, maybe you will even create some of that innovation yourself.

There is no end-game in digital marketing, no ‘Ah, we’ve done it. We’ve made the perfect site, the perfect ranking. Now we can stop.’

Because there is always improvement potential and stagnation will never serve you well for long.

Try New Things With a Scientific Mind

So, you’ve learned something new – what do you do now?

Well, you don’t just sit on that knowledge, you try it! Will it work? Will the training be worth the result? You won’t know until you try it out.

After all, no knowledge is helpful if it isn’t practical or practiced.

JSL Marketing & Web Design places a lot of emphasis on understanding and separating performance zones and learning zones

This means we understand that sometimes we are working for peak performance, which means we will do the things we know will work.

For example, we won’t try some unknown, unproven tactic on a new client’s web design to ‘test’ a theory we have.

However, there are other times, or other scenarios, where we are in a learning zone. This means we are trying to test out new theories, new options, and new skills we have recently learned.

Maybe we’ll try it out on our own page, maybe even on a blog…maybe we are trying something new in this very blog even.

Then we see how it stacks up (or performs), versus a constant (or the way we’ve done something previously).

Sound like an experiment? That’s because it is!

See? Digital Marketers are basically rocket scientists, or at least that’s what I tell my grandmother.

Tweak What You’ve Learned & Implemented for the Best Results

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”

Sometimes you’ll hit the nail on the head the very first time. Sometimes you’ll hit a home run with a new skill or implementation technique.

But, more often than not, it will take you a few trials to get your newly minted skill to perform the way you want it to. There’s a learning curve in almost everything worth anything.

This shouldn’t discourage you though. instead, it gives you the opportunity to get creative. That’s why you got into digital marketing to begin with, right?

Try things multiple times and in multiple ways. This connects with both the ‘training’ and ‘trying’ ideals of digital marketing, as you are always working at improving upon the thing you just improved upon.

And Finally – Improve Your Customer Care!

Oh, you thought this was going to say ‘repeat’ didn’t you?

Well, we know you will repeat everything above (remember, try, try AGAIN).

So instead, we thought our final tip for how to become a better digital marketer in 2019 should be something that many companies drop the ball on.

Your business isn’t just about the numbers or the Google rankings – it’s about your clients. You are creating either a thriving workplace and sustainable income for a group of people or shooting it down with your digital marketing skills and knowledge.

Make sure you never forget that you are working with and for people.

Treat your customers like the dynamic, interesting, hardworking, and amazing people they are. It takes a lot to build a business, and your digital marketing efforts are one piece of that complex puzzle.

So many of our clients come to us from other companies who did them wrong. So many of our clients are amazed that we speak to them like people. So many of our clients are surprised that we reply to emails, calls, or questions immediately.

Isn’t that sad?

Let’s change that in 2019 and all become better digital marketers and better companies to work with.

Does Digital Marketing Sound Like Your New Year’s Resolution?

If you are interested in digital marketing in the future, then call JSL Marketing & Web Design today!

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And just like my grandmother, once we’re done perfecting your content, website, social media, and SEO, we bet you’ll think we are rocket scientists too!

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