6 Ways to Be a Lifelong Learner

Being a boss, CEO, or the founder of a company doesn’t make you know everything, in fact, the more I grow in my business, the more I realize there is so much more for me to learn! This is where the concept of being a life-learner comes in – or, the idea that you never ‘finish’ learning like you finish school.

Here’s what good ol’ Google has to say about being a life-learner:

Let’s look at the 6 ways I’ve worked to become (and stay) a lifelong learner – maybe you’ll want to do the same!

1. Read Deeply & Frequently

Reading is the best way to learn in my opinion. Whether it’s a specific subject or skill you want to gain, or simply remaining sharp, reading can get you there.

Reading comes in many mediums (online articles, books, newspapers, etc.) and covers every subject in the world – and that’s amazing! So, the next time something interests you, just perform a quick search online, even just from your phone, and read up on it a little – that’s the true purpose of the Internet, to have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips.

2. Teach to Learn

Whoever said, ‘those who can’t do, teach’ didn’t quite get it, because, in fact, it should actually read ‘those who want to learn, teach’.

The best way to be sure you fully understand a subject is to teach it. Then, you receive questions about the subject that you have to either learn or answer, and you get to lay out the steps in your head as you explain them to another.

Both the teacher and the student benefit from teaching by both learning, which is something I never fully grasped until I began teaching others.

3. Engage in Deep Conversations with Others

Sometimes it’s easy to only stay in banter-form when speaking with others, and sometimes people mistake deep conversations for intense, or scary, conversations. But in reality, a deep conversation can open your eyes to how others view the world, their values, perceptions, and quite possibly teach you a great deal.

Speaking with others deeply is a lot like reading deeply – it can open new worlds for you and show you something you had never thought of, or never realized was even an option. Even if you don’t agree with someone you have a discussion with, you’re still understanding more and learning more.

4. Keep a ‘Learn List’

This can be as informal as a note in your phone or as concrete as a ‘learning notebook’, but keeping track of the areas that interest you, or the areas you want to pursue in the future can help make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Learning about things you are passionate about is one of the ways I keep up my enthusiasm for always learning and improving.

5. Join a Group

Learning on your own is great, but schools had the right idea too, as group learning can include new ideas, new books, and new views – essentially doubling your ability to learn.

Plus, being with a group of individuals who are all passionate about the same area or interested in the same subject is a beautiful thing that promotes growth.

6. Make Learning a Priority

This is something you have to remember in all areas of life – the things you make a priority are the things you’ll always have time for.

If you say ‘oh, I don’t have time to read’ or ‘I’m too busy to learn a new hobby or subject’ then you’re right, you won’t have time for it. But if you make learning a priority, then you’ll make time.

Just like I’m never too busy for my family, or church, and I somehow always get in my working hours and find time to eat – that is how you should be viewing your learning time as well – a necessity, not just an option.

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