Do I Need A Website Redesign? Six Quick Questions To Ask Yourself

If you’re a business owner, it can be tough to determine if you need a website redesign. You probably have a website and know you need to do your best to keep your website current with the industry’s best web design practices. However, that is much easier said than done. If you’re running a small business, it can be difficult to find the time to find talent, keep costs down, and improve your customer relationships, let alone worry about your web design. So what are you to do?

Luckily, our web redesign team came together and put together the following list of quick questions you need to ask yourself about your current web design. Use this list to quickly determine what is and isn’t working with your current website and then prepare some solutions!

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6 Quick Website Redesign Questions

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

This is the “low hanging fruit” of web design. Website users expect sites to be mobile-friendly, so you’re likely taking a huge performance penalty if your site does not load properly on mobile devices. If you’re on the fence about if you need a website redesign and your site does not load on mobile, you have your answer. It’s time for a redesign! Do it for your site’s mobile users!

What Keywords Does Your Website Rank For?

What keywords do you want to rank for? Which phrases are most likely to turn search engine users into loyal customers? Once you have that list of keywords, you can then compare it to the keywords your site is currently ranking for. If the list you want to rank for is substantially different than the ones your site ranks for, you might need to rethink your content strategy.

This is also the perfect time to analyze how your site is tagged and if you need to update your site’s SEO. If you likely will need to update most meta-descriptions and tags, then a web redesign project or even a new website might be in order. 

How Old Is Your Site?

This rule of thumb isn’t foolproof. You might have a two-year-old site and still need a web design! However, if it’s been over three or four years, you almost certainly need to redesign your website. You’ve missed some extremely impactful Google updates in that time and your site just won’t perform well if it’s out of date.

Plus, your site will just look out of date to your site users if it’s been a while since you last redesigned it. This could really impact how your customers perceive you, especially if you’re in an industry where credibility and expertise are everything. (Think tax preparation, legal, or healthcare.) If it’s been three years or more since you last redesigned your website, then it’s time to redesign. 

Is Your Website Branding & Logo Current?

Sometimes, the simplest reasons can be the most compelling! If you updated your logo and/or branding in the past and your website doesn’t reflect that branding, then you absolutely need to redesign your website! Your users are likely confused if they know your branding or logo from another medium like social media or email marketing and then don’t see that logo on your website. Avoid that confusion and make sure that your logo and branding are consistent across all mediums, including your website. 

Is Your Website Generating Leads?

Sometimes, it’s easy to overanalyze the website in question and become lost in the granular details of the site. Don’t miss the forest for the trees and get sucked into every detail of your bounce rate, landing pages, user experience, and content strategy. Simply ask yourself if your website is producing leads!

This is a pretty easy way to determine if there’s room for improvement on the site. If your lead generation strategy needs help, then it might be time to redesign your website! Pay especially close attention to the quality of your leads. Your site might capture dozens of contact form submissions, but the majority could be from salespeople or bots. Take the time to evaluate if the site is generating qualified leads, not just a good quantity of leads, and then redesign your site accordingly if not! 

Do Your Users Like Your Site?

Your site could rank well, be mobile-friendly, and generate great leads, but it’s still worth getting customer feedback on how they like their experience on the site. Taking customer feedback periodically is a great way to uncover hidden weaknesses within the site, problems that you might not have been aware of.

Take that feedback to determine which aspects of the site are working for your customers and which need improvement. You might discover that it’s relatively difficult to checkout from your eCommerce store or that your chatbot is actually more annoying to your customers than helpful. Hear it from your customers directly and come up with a plan to solve those annoyances! 

Redesign Your Website With JSL Marketing & Web Design

Making the decision to redesign your website is a great first step. However, it’s by no means the last step. Redesigning your site will require expertise in SEO, digital marketing, and the current standards for web design. If you know you need to redesign your website, but don’t quite know how to go about it, reach out to JSL Marketing & Web Design!

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  • Your Site’s UI Experience 

If you’re ready to proceed with a full website redesign, know that you’re choosing the best. We’re here to support you and your brand. We won’t oversell, overpromise, or underdeliver. Our web redesign experts are here to help you find the solution that’s best for your unique situation! 

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How Do I Get More Web Sales? 7 Quick Tips For More Web Checkouts!

“How do I get more web sales?” If you’re a small business owner, it’s critically important to get an answer! Your website’s eCommerce functionality is a huge piece of your business success. Small errors or decreases on your web store can cost you quite a bit of money, so it’s imperative you get this right! 

That’s where the web sales experts at JSL Marketing & Web Design enter the picture! Ecommerce isn’t easy, but we compiled this list of three quick suggestions to improve your website sales! 

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The Basics Of Web Sales

AT JSL Marketing & Web Design, we like to think of web design and digital marketing like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If you’re trying to get more sales, begin with what will have the most impact first before we move on to the higher-level improvements.

Below is a list of the eCommerce basics. These are the “must-haves” to check before you broaden your web design approach.

  • Check Your Product Pages Load Speed
  • Ensure That The Checkout Page is Reachable From Other Pages Of the Site
  • See If Your Website Will Physically Let You Complete The Checkout Process
  • Test Every Link & Button On Your Products Pages
  • See If Your Product Pages Load On Mobile Correctly

Ok, have you confirmed the basic functionality of your website is fine? Good! It’s important to note that these suggestions aren’t cure-alls. If your website was made in 2010, there’s a real chance that the fixes above won’t do much to move the needle. If you have bigger fish to fry, then these improvements won’t help. However, if your site is functioning well and you’re still seeing problems with web sales, then it’s time to move to the higher-level suggestions below. 

7 Tips For More Web Sales

1. Use Incredible Product Photography To Boost Engagement

 The right imagery on a checkout page or product store is a great way to incentivize the sale. Amazing product shots not only showcase your wares, but they also drive revenue! Product pages with product shots perform much better than those without photos! If you want to see more web sales, you don’t need to grab a computer. You need to grab a camera and invest in quality product shots!

2. Augment Your Sales With Pay Per Click Advertising

If you’re not using Google Ads and Facebook Ads to drive users to your eCommerce store, then you’re likely missing out on a likely source of revenue. A lot of businesses are skeptical to use paid advertising since they see it as a high-cost way of getting business. After all, why wouldn’t you just rely on your organic SEO since you don’t need to pay for those users? Well, while organic SEO is a great way to grow your business, it has its limitations. If your competitors are putting a dedicated budget into Pay-Per-Click advertising, then your customers may actually be enticed away from purchasing from your when they search on Google. You also can target specific areas, keywords, and audiences with pay-per-click advertising in a way that you just can’t with organic SEO. This is a great option if you realize a certain product or service is lacking and needs some help! Talk to our pay-per-click advertising experts for some more tailored recommendations! 

3. Incorporate Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to make your webpage more enticing, but it’s not just your homepage that could benefit from some testimonials! Putting a few well-placed 5-star reviews next to a product shot of the product in question demonstrates that others have been satisfied by the product in question! Consumers see over 2,000 ads per day and have grown accustomed to advertisers attempting to “sell” them at all times. Use customer reviews and testimonials next to the product in question to showcase that your product is the real deal and worth purchasing! 

4. Find Your Perfect Lookalike Audience

One of the best ways to drive web sales has nothing to do with your website! Consider evaluating your current marketing efforts and determining who your perfect customer is and finding a lookalike audience for that customer! There are several ways to do this. You could do everything from retargeting past consumers with email blasts to designing buyer personas to creating lookalike audiences on Facebook ads. Regardless of how you go about it, consider what you need to tweak to get the right audience on your eCommerce pages! 

5. Jumpstart Your Email Marketing With Email Address Capture

As mentioned previously, email marketing is a great way to reach existing customers and drive more web sales. However, what do you do if you just don’t have much in email addresses? You probably need to reexamine your website and if you’re making it easy and convenient for users to leave an email address! Your eStore itself is one great option, but offering a free digital download in exchange for a  name and email address is a good option too! By collecting these email addresses, you’re building a list of potential customers you can return to cross-sell, upsell, and inform about new releases and products. 

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Now that you understand what you can do to jumpstart your web sales, it’s time to get a free web sales consultation from our web design and eCommerce experts! Our web design experts are here to deep dive into your site and determine what works and what doesn’t for you!

  • Is your site securely hosted?
  • Is your site properly branded?
  • Does your site load properly?
  • How well do your landing pages index on Google and other search engine results pages? 

If you have areas to improve on, consult with our web design experts for recommendations! When you choose JSL Marketing & Web Design, you’re getting …

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