5 Steps To Creating the Perfect Business Slogan

A good business slogan is one-in-a-million. You may have been living under a rock for the past few decades if you don’t immediately recognize the following business slogans.

  • “I’m Lovin’ It.”
  • “That Was Easy.”
  • “Just Do It. “

Did you immediately think “McDonald’s, Staples, and Nike?” Congrats, these slogans worked as intended and brought the business in question to the top of your mind without any other advertising, branding, or indication! That’s an impressive accomplishment for only 15 characters!

If done correctly, your small business’s slogan can have the same impact. Obviously, you’re not a Fortune 500 company, but there’s no reason that your slogan can’t be as recognizable to customers in your local area as McDonald’s is worldwide! Read on to learn our steps for creating the perfect small business slogan!

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Benefits Of An Unforgettable Business Slogan

The right slogan truly is irreplaceable. There’s a whole slew of business benefits to be gained from an impeccable slogan.

  • The Right Business Slogan Separates You from Your Competitors. We used McDonald’s as an example earlier on. Few slogans can compete with “I’m Lovin’ It.” To demonstrate that, think of McDonald’s competitors. Can you name Wendy’s slogan or the Burger King slogan? Both brands have repurposed their older slogans recently, so this is a bit harder than you might think. If you did get those slogans right, can you name the slogans of 5 Guys or Panda Express? That’s a tougher ask. That’s the value of the perfect business slogan. If it’s done right, your competitor’s slogans will never be as powerful or memorable as yours, which is a considerable advantage in keeping your brand top of mind with your competitors.


  • The Right Business Slogan Makes a Promise. “I’m Lovin’ It” promises the customer that they’ll leave McDonald’s satisfied with the meal enjoyed. The right slogan for your business will show your potential customers what they can expect from your brand. If your brand fulfills that promise, you’ve set yourself up well for another key benefit of a great slogan.


  • The Right Business Slogan Advances Your Overall Marketing Strategy. Imagine investing a few thousand dollars a month into targeted Google Ad campaigns. While this is a great way to reach your perfect customer, you’re just not seeing the type of clicks you’d like. There are a slew of reasons why this may be, but the right, recognizable business slogan contained within Google ad copy is a great way to get more clicks. After all, if your potential customers have heard your slogan before and recognize it within the copy of an ad or in the headline of a website, then they’re much more likely to contact your business. Think of a good business slogan, as part of a well-crafted brand awareness campaign, as a way of softening your potential customer up to your business’s attempts to sell to them. If you’ve done the leg work with branding your business, your potential customers will be more receptive to purchasing when it comes time to ask them to do so!

5 Steps to Creating Your Dream Slogan

Get The Right Team For Your Slogan Development

This is one of the easiest aspects of the process, but it’s one that can be easily overlooked. You’ll want a mix of executives who know the long-term vision and direction of the brand, creative designers with ideas for the future of the brand, and members of the PR and marketing teams. 

Your C-Suite members just might not have the creative experience to select a slogan, but they will have the long-term knowledge and vision to contribute to the conversation. Likewise, your PR and marketing team will have an intimate knowledge of the brand’s history and how it’s perceived by your customers but may lack knowledge of the future direction of the business. The right slogan team will involve these different but equally talented team members to create a wide skillset. 

Define the Feeling You Want Your Slogan To Convey

Remember, most purchase decisions are made on emotions, not logical cost-benefit analysis. Because of that fact, your new slogan needs to focus on the feelings you want your customers to experience, not the quality of your product or service. Consider our successful examples of business slogans. 

  • “I’m Lovin’ It” conveys satisfaction.
  • “Staples – That Was Easy” conveys simplicity and ease for busy white-collar professionals.
  • “Just Do It” convey action and determination, qualities that resonate with the athletic audience Nike is trying to reach. 

It can be helpful in this stage to think through what your business is attempting to do. Consider asking the following questions to set the right tone for your brand slogan brainstorming. 

  • Why do people choose your brand? 
  • What problems do you solve for your customers?
  • What separates you from your competitors? 
  • What feedback have your customers given you before? What common themes do you see in these positive reviews from happy customers? 


This part of the process will not perfect immediately, so don’t hesitate to get numerous possible slogans on paper. The more iterations you’ve set down at this point, the better. Once you’ve done so, it’s time to select your finalists. There are several ways of doing this. A simple “up or down” vote per slogan works, or you can even pick a March Madness-style bracket format if you want to make the process a little livelier. Regardless, it’s important to whittle your list down to a select group of finalists. We’d recommend four to eight finalists before moving onto the next step. 

Get Feedback On Your Business Slogan

It’s important to not just have your slogan team design their list of five slogans and then have a VP or C-suite pick their favorite. Ensure there’s an opportunity for another team of people not involved in the design process to offer constructive feedback. What sounds like a huge breakthrough at 2:00 AM in a conference room after weeks of trial and error might not sound so convincing to others. 

Get Feedback (From Your Customers)

The feedback never ends in this process. Now that you’ve got a slogan, slowly unveil it to your customers. At this stage, we’d recommend incorporating your new slogan into certain elements of your marketing plan. Putting on your website, on social media, and within your Google Ad and email campaigns is great. However, we wouldn’t recommend buying company shirts or cars just yet. Give it some time to get customer feedback and determine if the new slogan is working. Note that this isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it process. You very well may need to return and reevaluate customer perception of your brand within a year or two, even if they love the initial unveiling. 

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Common Business Slogan Mistakes

This process isn’t an open-and-shut process, and there’s a lot of room for shades of gray. Don’t feel like there is a right or wrong way of picking a slogan. What works for one industry might not work in another. However, it’s generally best practice to NOT do any of the following. 

Don’t Focus on Sales

  • There’s a time and place to ask for your potential customers to purchase, but your business slogan isn’t it. Instead, focus your slogan on the quality of your brand, a quality that endears your business to your customers. Think of “That was easy” or “Just Do it.” These slogans don’t try to illicit sales directly, so much as showcasing the quality of the business that their customers would enjoy. Don’t worry… the sales will come!

Don’t Overemphasize Your Brand

  • You should, of course, promote your brand. However, it should be done in the context of what your brand can do for the customer’s end needs. Again, “I’m lovin’ it” doesn’t brag about McDonald’s many accomplishments. Instead, the slogan speaks to how customers feel about the meals they get from their local Golden Arches. That’s a key distinction and one to keep in mind when developing your slogan!

Don’t Be Overly Verbose In Your Slogan

  • The perfect slogan is under 30 characters. Ideally, it could be even under 15 characters. Remember, the average American is exposed to over 2,000 ads per day. If your slogan is too long or complicated, you’re likely to lose the customer’s interest. Keep it simple, succinct, and effective for the best results. 

Don’t use a Free Slogan Generator

  • These might be useful to generate a long list of possibilities, but it’s unlikely you’ll get a winner if you use a free online slogan generator. We’d recommend using this as a starting point to just map out combinations of words and get your team’s creative juices going! Don’t hesitate to use a thesaurus, however, to broaden the possible terminology to incorporate into your slogan. 

If you need any help branding your business, reach out to the brand marketing experts at JSL Marketing & Web Design! We’ve been crafting brand strategies for years and are excited to get to work for your business!

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How To Create a Stellar Brand Style Guide

If you’re a small business owner, creating and maintaining a logo can be difficult. There’s just so much to do and it’s easy for branding to fall by the wayside. However, proper branding is an integral part of any marketing strategy and an aspect you should invest in. A great way to begin strengthening your brand is to develop a comprehensive brand style guide. Read on to learn JSL Marketing & Web Design’s tips for developing an amazing brand style guide!

What Is a Brand Style Guide?

A brand style guide is kind of like the “playbook” of your business’s branding. It’s a shared reference material that lists out the different plays and executions of what your brand should look like. Much like a college football team’s playbook keeps every member of the team aligned, your brand style guide ensures that every branding effort your business undertakes goes swimmingly! In this guide, your business will list out what fonts, graphics, colors, and presentations are acceptable for your brand! It’s a comprehensive reference material for whoever may need to work on your logo or branding at any point!

Why You Need a Brand Style Guide

If you’re a small business, you probably haven’t given that much consideration to a brand style guide before. You might not even have a logo, let alone a brand style guide that details every aspect of your brand. However, just because you haven’t considered a brand style guide before, doesn’t mean that there aren’t real benefits to creating one!

A Good Brand Style Makes It Easy For Customers To Recognize Your Brand

  • This is one of the most obvious reasons to develop a brand style guide. Carefully choosing the logo, color shades, font, and other inventive details and standardizing them across your marketing efforts makes it easy for your customers to recognize your brand immediately. The sooner they do so, the sooner they can make decisions, like the decision to purchase from your brand. A streamlined and recognizable logo and trade dress, courtesy of your brand style guide, makes that process easy for your customers!

A Good Brand Style Guide Helps Everyone Get On the Same Page

  • Even small businesses can have complicated marketing plans. It’s not unheard of for a small business to use a logo designed by a freelancer, use a web design agency for web development and SEO, and a social media contractor for social media management. A brand style guide helps standardize the output and efforts of these disparate teams. 

A Good Brand Style Guide Elicits Strong Feeling From Your Audience

  • Think of the way you feel seeing the logo or slogan of one of the world’s biggest and most recognizable brands. You might feel pumped up seeing the Nike logo, inventive after seeing an Apple commercial, or even a little bit hungry after seeing a Golden Arches from the highway. That’s the beauty of an impactful brand style guide! If the logo and slogan of your business are designed properly, your audience shouldn’t just see a logo or color scheme; they should experience a strong feeling or memory of your brand! That’s a valuable reaction, as most purchasing decisions are more emotional than logical! If your brand style guide can drive emotional responses from your audience, then you’re that much closer to driving sales!

How To Create a Brand Style Guide

Begin with the core values of your business

  • What defines your brand? What do you want people to remember about your business? What does your business value? Once you have this finalized, you can move onto the graphic elements. 

Finalize the visual elements

  • This can include, but is not limited to…
    • Font
    • Colors
    • Hierarchy 
    • Formats
    • Logo

Develop a checklist

  • Depending on the size of the business, it’s not realistic for the owner to approve every branding exercise. However, you can include a checklist of common issues for your freelancer or agency prior. This lets your creative developer have a guide to work off of without making you review every aspect of their work prior!

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Common Brand Style Guide Mistakes

You’ve decided to put your brand style guide together. That’s great! However, you’re not out of the woods yet! Make sure you don’t fall into these common brand style mistakes!

Failing to define your strategy first

  • It can be tempting to define your brand font, colors, and formatting without thinking through your brand’s overarching strategy. However, this is one of the most common brand style guide mistakes we see. Make sure that you have a developed strategy in place before you develop the brand guide. There’s no point in creating a brand style guide if you don’t have the strategy in place prior!

Failing to connect your logo to your marketing efforts

  • Imagine a brand style guide that lists out all of the different aspects and examples for a business. However, there’s one crucial mistake. It doesn’t address what the business’s logo should look like on your website! Make sure that you’ve thought through all possible places your logo could be displayed and then develop the specifics to display that logo!

Choosing a logo solely on price

  • There’s no reason that an affordable logo can’t be the right pick for your brand! We’ve seen plenty of cost-effective logos over the years and some of them have been phenomenal! However, too many businesses fall into the trap of thinking of their logo as just another line item that will cost them, rather than an investment. The result is that they submit a few basic logo designs to freelancers over Fiverr, then pick the cheapest design concept from the freelancers and call that their logo. We encourage you to consider several criteria beyond just the price point when finalizing a logo. You don’t need to pick the most expensive and intricate option, but you should walk away from the logo development process with a logo you can be excited about, regardless of price. 

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