Video Marketing & Video Production: The Future of Online

Video marketing and production are more than just ‘another option’ for digital marketing. It is a huge asset to your brand, business, and viewers!

Every brand needs a video marketing strategy to compete in today’s market. And video is no longer just a small piece of your overall marketing plan. It should be central to your outreach and campaigns – especially your social media marketing strategy.

Did you know that video production is one of, if not the fastest growing digital mediums? YouTube gets over a billion views a day (1,000,000,000!)

Check out JSL’s YouTube channel for a great example of how to set up your business video social platform.

The Growth of Video Marketing & Video Production in 2020

There’s no sign that video marketing will drop off anytime soon (if ever). Advancements in mobile phones and streaming mean that your viewers have high-quality video content at their fingertips wherever they go – and that means you have to be providing the type of content they want to consume.

If you’re on social media or the web regularly, you probably already knew this. From ads to web pages to social shorts, how-tos, and explainers, video can help just about any industry. And video popularity is simple to explain – it’s easy and digestible, as well as quicker than a read in most cases!

Videos present relevant information quickly and effectively to the viewer, whether that’s a news story, a funny clip, or sales.

We’re motivated by compelling stories and videos tell those stories to viewers easily and in an engaging way. Video is the future, but is video in your future? It can be, with the help of JSL Marketing & Web Design!

Take a Look at Some of Our Recent Video Projects & Learn More About Video Marketing!

Yes, you know we have a blog (obviously, since you are here right now) but we also have a YouTube Channel and Media page that is updated often! Because though the written word will always be important, video is where marketing is going, and we are at the front of the pack!

Video is incredibly useful for many industries, but it might be most pertinent for business owners and their marketing plans in 2020. Speaking to your end audience is critical in marketing and video lets businesses connect with their customers and prospective customers seamlessly.

After all, watching a video on a new product takes less effort than reading an article on that same product – and it takes less time, two things your customers want! Knowing that, high-quality video content is a huge advantage to businesses looking to educate and motivate their consumers.

JSL’s Video Production Process

To make your video production even more effective and efficient, we have a clearly defined and demarcated video production project process. This process will, of course, look slightly different from project to project in regard to voice, type of video, length, branding, and where the video will be showcased, but we always follow the steps below.


What’s your story? What’s the history of your brand? Why does that matter to your customers? What’s the goal of this video? How long does this video need to be? What details need to be included in this video?

All of these questions help us to understand what you need from our production process and how to hit that target. Once our team has gone over the significance of your unique story, we’ll get to work on laying out a timeline and script that will convey that story in the best way possible, all while keeping you in the loop and having you work with our team to put your own voice into the process.


This is the planning stage that helps our agency video specialists really make the most out of your time and budget. Our video marketers will layout the lenses, angles, visuals, and shots needed to convey your brand’s message to your audience.

You’ve heard the saying “Measure twice, cut once.” Pre-production is where we carefully scope out the production phase to make sure it’s as effective and stress-free as possible!


Lights, camera, action! It’s time to take the ideas and planning from steps 1 and 2 and put them in front of the camera!

While this phase can be a lot of work, it can also be a lot of fun as well! We’re here to make sure that you’re as involved in this step as you want to be. If you love filming, our team will make sure that you get to say exactly what you want your customers to know.

However, not everyone loves being under the lights, which is why choosing a local video marketing agency is such a great idea! As a premier marketing agency, we can work together to make sure that you’re comfortable when shooting. Being on the scene with our clients helps us make the process as simple and fun as possible for everyone involved.

We like to think we’re a fun group to shoot with, but we may be a little biased!


The greatest script, planning, and camera work won’t matter if the final shot isn’t edited with the most deliberate and critical of skills. Our team likes to conceptualize this step as a puzzle. It’s where all the different pieces of the first three steps are carefully and masterfully spun together to create a video greater than the sum of its parts.

Your video will be analyzed for any necessary improvements in color grading, sound design, and general story cohesion in this step. We might use voice-overs, animation, motion graphics, logos, and music to create a viewing experience that simultaneously informs, delights, and educates your customers on your brand.

We also make sure that you walk away with a quality video as a final product that you are happy with by taking the time to hear your feedback. You’ve put a lot of effort into the video by this step as well – we want to make sure that effort produces something you can be excited to show your consumers.

Video Production + Your Video Marketing Strategy

It doesn’t need to stop after step 4, because a video is only as good as how it’s showcased.

You put all this time and energy into planning and shooting this video so that people will see it, share it, and engage with it.  While it’d be awesome if your video could go viral from merely existing, that’s not a typical result. Your brand needs to use that video content to call your targeted customers to action.

There are over 7 million people in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Entrust your video marketing needs to a full-service digital marketing agency that knows how to connect with them.

We might suggest additional services to utilize these well-branded and well-edited videos to their fullest potential. Our team will work with you and your specific business needs and objectives to craft a video marketing campaign that uses your content to speak to your audience through multiple digital marketing mediums.

That video we worked so hard on in Steps 1-4 can be used on multiple platforms, including PPC, SEO, content, and social media marketing.

As a local, award-winning video production agency, we’re happy to connect in person for a coffee or meeting to discuss your individualized video production needs. The video marketing process isn’t always easy: let us meet with you face-to-face to simplify it!

When Used Correctly, Engaging & Motivating Video Marketing Can:

  • Grab your viewer’s attention
  • Showcase your expertise in your field
  • Highlight your services and products
  • Explain a complex process or industry
  • Tell your story in a compelling way
  • Get your viewer to get in touch immediately

These are just some of the great perks for your customers, but video production and marketing also have a huge benefit for your overall marketing strategy and ROI, or, return on investment!

  • Your social media pages will see an increase in reach from testimonial videos from ecstatic customers.
  • Your email campaigns will see more people click to your website when product demonstrations are embedded in the emails.
  • Webpages on your website will rank higher on search engine results pages when crisp, clean, and beautiful video is embedded on the page.
  • Users are more likely to stay on a blog if a video breaks up the text.

Clearly, utilizing video content can make all aspects of your digital marketing plan even more effective than they would be on their own.

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Keywords & Content [Tips From Our Content Director]

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of your SEO journey, as without good, relevant, and researched keywords on your page, Google doesn’t know what your purpose or services are, or when to show you in search results!

This means that no matter how beautifully designed your website is, without great content and relevant keywords throughout…no one will ever see that gorgeous website. And as a company that makes beautiful websites, we want to make sure they are seen!

Keyword 101

Let’s start from the beginning – keywords are words or phrases that your customers are typing into Google when they want to find your industry or services, like: ‘best practices for web design’, ‘SEO agency near me’, or ‘how to do keyword research’.

Make sure you use relevant and local keywords throughout your webpage in order to clearly let Google know what you do and where you do it (are you a local business or do you ship/work around the US or world?).

And though ‘put relevant keywords in your content’ may seem simple, it’s almost so broad that it doesn’t help at all. So, make sure you have keywords in these four places:

Page Titles:

Your page title is one of the most important places for your keywords to appear. Your page title is essentially the page ‘name’ or title that shows on search engine results pages for users to click to visit your webpage. Your page title is the purple text below:

JSL Marketing title tag with keywords

Meta Descriptions:

Metas are the grey text above, showing a snippet of what is on your page. This is a great place to put keywords, so the user knows what to expect. Make sure you have a unique meta for each of your pages – because each of your webpages gives unique information.

Headers (H1, H2, H3):

Your headers are like an outline of your content with H1 being your subject at the top of the page (in the biggest font). You can have multiple H2, H3, H4, and more per page, but only one H1. Since Headers are ‘subject lines’, they are weighted more heavily by Google and therefore a great place for keywords!


Content is any of the written words on your page. Of course, having your keywords in your H1, Title, and Metas are more visible and therefore most helpful, but if you are going to talk about a subject fully and thoroughly, then these keywords and phrases will naturally be throughout your on-page content as well.

Google likes to see ‘in-depth content’ that shows you know what you are talking about – it’s one of the ways it judges your expertise! So make sure your content is long enough to fully explain your services or products, and has adequate keywords to make the subject clear.

Content & Keywords: Putting it All Together

The content throughout your website is important, but making sure the content on your home page shows your value, or why you are a better choice than all the other companies out there, is paramount. What makes you unique? What benefits do you give? What’s your ‘elevator pitch’ of why someone should choose you over a competitor?

Having at least 700 words on your Home Page is ideal – and this is just a minimum. Remember, Google likes to see ‘in-depth’ content that fully answers a customer’s question or fully informs them.

Look at the below example that ticks all the style, H1, Call to Action, and content boxes for a homepage. Of course, there is more content below the fold – but this is a great snapshot of the ‘first look’ of a homepage.

web page with title tags and optimized content

The above H1 has great keyword placement, as does the H2 and content. Additionally, the banner image (the black and white photo) is clean, attractive, and lends to a modern web design.

Next, the CTA, or Call to Action, leads your customer to your main goal (blue button, or ‘contact’). After you scroll down the page, you should also see sections on:

  •     Who you are (link to your About Page)
  •     Your services/products (link to your Services/Products Page)
  •     Testimonials, awards, benefits, or other trust factors
  •     Updates or connectors at bottom of page (social media, blog, mailing list, contact form)
  •     Try to have all pages of your website represented in small sections on your Home Page

Here are some more content tips for your other pages:

About Page: Having an About Page shows your history and is a great place for your values, why, experience, journey, and purpose. Try to shoot for at least 400-700 words here.

Products or Services Page(s): This should be a keyword rich page, as most people will be searching for a specific service or product that they need. Write a section on each product or service that ‘sells’ it to the customer and includes relevant keywords.

Resources or Blog Page: Content freshness shows you didn’t just ‘make a website and forget it’ but are constantly updating and caring for it. It also allows you to put out new content in the form of blogs or articles where you can put more keywords and inform your readers and website visitors. Aim to write at least one 600+ word post per month.

Contact Page: Unless you are e-commerce, this is the ultimate goal of your website: to be contacted or visited, so make sure you have accurate NAP information: Name, Address, Phone (email or online submission forms are great, too!)

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