Google Says It Doesn’t Care About Your Social – So How Does Social Media Marketing Help You?

Social media marketing isn’t as much about on-page SEO as it is about traffic, visibility, branding, and activity – all of which still feed into SEO, just not in as linear a way as, say, keywords in your title tags.

But just because social media isn’t directly linked to your website’s SEO, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter! Even if Google says they don’t care about your social media – we know better. And if we’ve learned anything from Google’s press releases over the years, it’s to take it with a grain of salt and always do your own research!

Which is just what we’ve been doing for years for ourselves and our social media marketing clients. Here are the top ways that social media does matter for you, your SEO, and Google.

Social Media Marketing Gets You In Front Of Your Audience

Getting in front of your audience, or raising your visibility, is one of the most important things you can do for your online business and presence. So, it makes sense that any and all ways to get in front of your ideal client are important – and this definitely includes social media!

Think about it, your potential customers are already online and on different social media platforms, because everyone is on one or another of these platforms. So use this to your advantage and meet them where they are at!

Having a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is a great way to get found by your customers. And having a LinkedIn is a great way to get found by potential employees or business to business clients.

Grab that low hanging fruit and be more visible to your customers with a strong social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Lets You Define Your Voice & Brand

Do you struggle to get new content out or to define your ‘online voice’? If so, then social media is a great option as you can out small snippets out of either your own content or that of other thought leaders in your industry, and hone your branding and voice while you’re at it!

Social media marketing allows businesses to be more personable, more humorous, and more memorable, because it gives them an outlet that is less corporate.

Maybe you wouldn’t post a lengthy blog for Memorial Day, but you can certainly make a social media post about it. Maybe you wouldn’t make a joke or witty quip on your homepage, but you certainly can on your Twitter! And maybe you wouldn’t post a picture of every new inventory item you get on your webpage – but that’s exactly what Instagram is for!

Getting your brand out there and being memorable is half of the battle in today’s saturated world, so make an impression with your online voice and presence through social media on a variety of platforms.

Social Media Marketing Can Get You More Traffic

Even if Google says it doesn’t care about your social media marketing – it does care about your traffic and where it comes from. And having an active Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn gives your website yet another avenue to funnel people to your website.

People often browse Facebook and click on ads, boosted posts, or even a business’ social page instead of their webpage, then, if they like what they see, they will continue on to the website and you’ve gained another ‘user’ or traffic number for your Google Analytics.

The more people that visit your website from any number of sources, the more likely Google will see you as a good choice, a good site, and take those user signals into account as they rank you higher.

So, does Google care about your social media directly? Maybe not, but do multiple signals come from your social media? You bet they do!

Social Media Marketing Shows Your Customers That You Are Active & Current

Finally, not only do you want Google to see that you are getting hits from your social media channels, you want your customers to see that you are updated, active, and posting relevant specials, events, and information on your social media channel of choice.

Have you ever gone to a business’ social media page, seen that they have not updated in over 6 months, and then thought – well, are they even still open? Are these hours even accurate? Am I going to get there and be just as disappointed in their physical store as I am with their online storefront?

Make sure you don’t give search engines or your customers a reason to doubt your business, services, or products, by staying up-to-date with whatever social media channels work best for your industry.

Have a special? Post a quick notice about it. Is a holiday coming up? Make a post. Even just one or two posts a week, something that can take less than 15 minutes to craft, can greatly help you to prove to your customers that you are keeping up with changes and keeping them informed.

Social Media Marketing Can Be Time Consuming…JSL Is Here to Help!

We know that in theory, making a post or two a week shouldn’t take that long, right?

But when you have to decide what to talk about, write it up, create a branded image or find one that isn’t copyrighted, find non-competition but still relevant and quality content to link to, and potentially do this for multiple platforms – it can turn into a whole second job!

Luckily, we offer social media management and marketing strategies in a variety of sizes (form multiple posts on multiple channels, to just the occasional post), so we have something that will work for you and tell both the search engines and your customers that you are here, and open for business!

Contact JSL Marketing & Web Design today to learn more about our social media services!