JSL Marketing Web Design Portfolio

JSL Marketing & Web Design might be one of the top SEO and digital marketing companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area, but we are even more well-known for our gorgeous websites and creative web designs.

We love showing off our previous web design projects with case studies and on our portfolio, but we know that not everyone has the time to go through each page or each case study individually, which is why we decided to show off right here – on our blog!

Here are just a few of our favorite design clients from last year. And if these beautiful web designs don’t make you consider updating your own site, then check out our glowing testimonials too!

We’d love to bring your website into the New Year with style – request pricing or a free consultation today!

Village Jewelers’ New Web Design Sparkles Like Their Diamonds

Village Jewelers approached us in need of a new, clean, and sparkling website to showcase their custom jewelry, diamonds, and gorgeous fine jewelry pieces online. We were able to be extra creative with this web design project which is something we always enjoy – and working with diamonds, precious metals, and stones is always a fun time too!

Village Jewelers Website design screenshot

See the full Village Jewelers Web Design case study here!

The Omnisys Brand Deserved an Innovative Web Design

OmniSYS came to us with an existing website, but they needed someone who could take what they already had and elevate it to their brand’s level as well as move it over to WordPress. We had a blast tweaking their design so that it worked well across all devices and looked clean and contemporary – exactly what their clients wanted!

OmniSYS website Design screenshot

Frisco West Needed Branding & Web Design for Their New District

Frisco West approached us in need of brand development, brand collateral, and web design services for their new district. Located in North Texas in the greater DFW area, we were very excited to get started working with a local district right in our own backyard!

Oftentimes branding projects begin with an existing brand that simply needs updating, but in the case of Frisco West, we were able to start completely from scratch, creating everything from the logo to the color palette and more – what a treat!

Frisco West Website Design Screenshot

Learn more about Frisco West’s new web design or their branding and brand collateral here!

Vault Aviation’s New Website is as Luxurious as Their Company

Vault Aviation came to us in need of a total redesign of their existing website. So, we got to work coming up with a creative design that was modern and clean, while also reflecting the company’s existing brand. Private jet charters are luxurious, lush, and lavish – and we wanted their site to reflect that, all while staying clean, modern, and professional.

Vault Aviation Website Design Screenshot

Download the Vault Aviation case study on digital marketing or design here!

Our Web Design Portfolio is Missing Something…You!

If you are looking for creative, sleek, and modern web design, then you are looking for JSL Marketing & Web Design! We are here for you, your industry, and your UI/UX! So, start off your new year with a new website!

Check out more designs in our portfolio, or see our digital marketing success, SEO, PPC and more!

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At JSL Marketing & Web Design, We Appreciate Our Wonderful Clients

Web design trends are always in flux. At JSL Marketing & Web Design, we feel that you should be empowered to take your business to new heights. And we’re here to help!

JSL Marketing & Web Design is featured on Clutch, a B2B services marketplace based in Washington, DC. Clutch’s team of independent analysts conducts interviews directly with the past clients of service providers listed on their site. This ensures all of their reviews are verified and trustworthy.

We recently received a new review on Clutch! Our client was a filtration company with an outdated website. The JSL Marketing & Web Design team designed and developed a WooCommerce site for them. Their team provided all of the content, and ours built the back-end of the website and provided updated designs.

The new website has received positive internal and external feedback! The site is also easier to manage and update.

“I’m so excited by how user-friendly the administrative tools are. The difference is night and day.” – Marketing Manager, Filtration Company

Another happy client of ours is a call center! Our team analyzed their website and provided suggestions for changes. We revised the content, updated taglines, and provided lists of keywords. JSL Marketing & Web Design is also responsible for their SEO and PPC campaigns.

The client saw an increase in search ranking and in leads!

“They know what they’re doing, so let them guide you through the process.” – Director of Sales & Marketing, Call Center

We are thrilled to have partnered with these wonderful companies!

Looking for more? Clutch also has two sister sites, the Manifest and Visual Objects! The Manifest connects service providers to clients by compiling shortlists of companies based on location and service line! You can find us on the Manifest, we are ranked as a top web design company in Dallas!

We are also featured on Visual Objects! Visual Objects shows business portfolios to help users find the best fit for their next project. We are featured as a top social media marketing agency on Visual Objects!

At  JSL Marketing & Web Design, we are happy to do anything we can to help our clients succeed! We have made so many great partnerships, and look forward to more to come in 2020!

Check out our Clutch profile to learn more about us or get in contact with us directly to start your next project!

New Year, New Website | Web Design Stats & Checklists

A business cannot be successful today without a website, and a website cannot be truly successful without UX/UI design, expert SEO, valuable content, adequate white space, thought-out color schemes, branding, positioning, and alignment, as well as mobile-friendly formatting.

Sound like a lot? It is – and that’s just the tip of the digital iceberg.

But what does all of that mean? How long does it take? What are the steps and how much does it cost? Does it really need to be custom to be good? And what does ‘UX/UX design’ even mean, anyway?

If you’ve often had questions like these or want to know more about a possible website design (or redesign) in the New Year – then read on.

Web Design Stats You Should Be Paying Attention To

  • 38% will leave your website if the layout or content isn’t attractive
  • 47% expect every webpage to load in under 2 seconds
  • 88% of online visitors will not return to a website they’ve had difficulties with before
  • A company’s trustworthiness is based 75% on web design
  • On average, users spend 6 seconds looking at your written content – the rest is spent on design
  • You could add 7% to your conversion rate if you increase the speed of your website
  • 48% say a website’s design is their #1 ranker in determining the company’s credibility
  • Over 60% of companies who designed a mobile-first design website saw a considerable increase in their sales
  • Almost half of online users will switch to a different site if the first isn’t mobile-friendly
  • 60% of internet access is done from mobile devices
  • 50% of e-commerce purchases come from mobile devices
  • Almost 70% of small businesses lack a Call to Action (CTA) on their website or home page
  • Over 45% of website visitors check your products or services page before going to any others

Still think web design isn’t that big of a deal? Or that a $150 template site will do?

Your Custom Web Design Checklist

SEO is #1

Search Engine Optimization isn’t just about blogs and social media, backlinks and domain authority, it’s also about site speed, internal linking, click-through rates, bounce rates, and time per page – all of which directly relate to your web design.

Looking at it from another angle, it doesn’t matter if you have the most beautiful website in the world if it doesn’t rank well. Because it doesn’t matter if you design a beautiful site if no one ever gets to it.

UI/UX is #2

UI Design is User Interface Design

Which means you think of the interface – or look – of the site. Though this area is quite complex, it can be explained in a slightly watered-down way like this:

UI Design focuses on using the design of the site in unison with the content & layout to be both attractive and guiding to the user.

UX Design is User Experience Design

Which means you think of the user experience or the ease of use & usability. Essentially, it means you are trying to make your site easy to navigate & intuitive to follow.

Color Choices & Branding

If anyone has ever asked you your favorite color, your least favorite color, or even your opinion on what hue or shade they should choose for an event, item or merch, then you have some experience in color and branding.

Your branding and your color make you recognizable and professional, not to mention adding to the visual appeal of your business – and remember, your visual appeal is what most will judge your trustworthiness on.

Use Lots of Whitespace

Whitespace is just as important as your branding and color scheme. Why? Because all of our time spent looking at screens strains our eyes, and huge blocks of text are not easy to follow, digest, or even look at.

Don’t hurt your readers’ eyes, give them adequate whitespace instead.

Actually, whitespace doesn’t need to be white, it should be named ‘blank space’ more accurately. It simply needs to be a section in between your text that allows your eyes the rest they need before moving onto a new section.

Think of blogs as a great example:

Most blog pages use narrower writing margins, or, they have extra whitespace on both sides (as much as 2” margins on both sides, instead of the usual 1”). Additionally, blogs always keep their paragraphs short, in digestible chunks that draw the reader down, keep them from feeling overwhelmed, and are easy on the eyes.

Have Clear Call to Actions (CTAs)

If your web design isn’t clear and accurate with its Call to Actions, then you are truly doing yourself a disservice, as CTAs are how you get your website visitors to do whatever it is you want them to do.

This can be to contact you via phone call, email, submission form, or other ways. Additionally, a CTA could be to take a survey, to buy a product, or even to simply share something on social media.

‘Call to action’ just means you are asking your website visitor to do something, or, you are calling them to do an action.

Live Life in the Fast Lane

Here are some of the most common ways you can help boost your site speed during a web design:

  • Optimize your photos, all of them
  • Compress filed that are large, so they will open quicker
  • Minimize HTTP requests in Google Chrome’s Developer
  • Do your research and choose a good hosting site, this greatly affects your speed

Are You Ready to Start Your Web Design Project?

If you still feel worried about taking on a web design project, talk with JSL Marketing and Web Design – after all, it’s in our name. Or, take a less direct route and check out our portfolio here, or peruse our own beautiful, functional website.

We can’t wait to match your beautiful New Year with a beautiful new website!