JSL Marketing is Thankful for So Much this Season

JSL Marketing & Web Design has a lot to be thankful for! From new developments, wonderful clients, to new team members and locations, this year has been a fantastic one! And we don’t want to hide our thankfulness, we want it to be infectious and shine over all our readers and clients!

So here, the week before the US’s Thankfulness Holiday, we want to share with you the many reasons we are so thankful, humbled, and feel so blessed.

What makes you thankful? What about this past year do you look back on and smile at? This is a great exercise to start your day, week, or meetings with to keep everyone positive and forever looking for the good!

JSL Marketing is Thankful for Our Growth

This year we were so blessed with a booming business, which lead to being able to open a new West Michigan branch covering the Grand Rapids, Holland, and Grand Haven area – the hometowns of many of our team members! This growth is something we’ve been working towards for years, and to have it actualized has been a dream come true!

Additionally, our growth has been through more than just locations, as we’ve been able to move many of our team members to higher positions, more leadership opportunities, and even plan some great work trips to West Michigan, Dallas, and San Diego for networking, shoots, conferences, holiday parties, and more!

Expansion always comes with some growing pains as well, but we’re even thankful for those, as it means we are still learning, perfecting our business processes, and gaining success and size! We love working in an industry that is constantly changing, all with a team that is committed to seeing JSL Marketing grow year after year – and in the end, what more could we ask for!

JSL Marketing & Web Design feels truly blessed by our growth this year, and plan on continuing this growth for years to come!

JSL Marketing is Thankful for Our Clients

We wouldn’t be where we were today if it weren’t for our amazing clients, their diverse businesses and industries, and the trust they put in us to help them grow their trade and livelihood.

We feel honored to have received so many glowing reviews, awards, and recommendations from our clients this year, and look forward to serving them even better next year – as we are always working towards becoming better and beating the competition.

From new web design projects to redesigns, content marketing, SEO, or branding, it’s never a dull day at JSL Marketing with our varied customers, their needs and business strategies! And what’s more – this year we’ve been able to work with new clients in new areas, such as our West Michigan office, and the joy of working with companies we grew up knowing has been a real gift this year.

JSL Marketing is so grateful for a year of new client relationships, growing past relationships, & working in new areas & industries!

JSL Marketing is Thankful for Our Team Members

We have gained some new team members this year, like Lindsey and Anna, two amazing digital and print designers who bring their creativity and expertise with them to work every day.

Lindsey Bio Photo and description

Anna Bio Photo and description

We are so thankful to be able to expand our team, all while keeping our previous members challenged and happy as well. And we can’t wait for all that’s to come!

JSL Marketing is Thankful for Our Littlest Team Member, Too

As many of you know, the JSL Marketing family gained its littlest team member this year by welcoming Quinn Harper to the family in August! As if we didn’t have enough to be thankful for, our little bundle of joy blows everything else out of the water this year!

Quinn Baby Picture

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6 Common SEO Mistakes [& Solutions]

As your top, trusted SEO and Digital Marketing company, we thought it made sense to help you know both what to do, and what not to do. And that’s why we brainstormed the 6 most common SEO mistakes that new digital marketers make.

Of course, we’re here to help take care of all your SEO and digital marketing needs, but if you decide to go it alone – we still want to help! So read on, learn up, get started – and if you ever get stuck, you can always ask our knowledgeable team.

Content Issues

Too thin of content? Content that isn’t clear or written well, grammatical errors, dry voice, or even a lack of depth and comprehensive information? All of that can make Google, and other search engines, down-rank your page due to ‘bad content’.

Make sure you’re writing content that will actually help your readers because Google can tell! Its algorithms and ability to ‘read’ are so sophisticated, you can’t get away with spammy or bad content anymore – nor should you! Place the effort and time into your content, just like you do with your design because it really is worth it!

Black Hat Practices

Let’s just get this out in the open right away near the beginning of this list – don’t do black hat tactics. You will be caught, and you will be dropped. Plus, why cheat the system when the system is meant to make things better for your clients and search engine users? This means cheating the system (search engine algorithms) really just cheats your clients and web users.

If you’re using black hat tactics, it means you don’t think you can keep up with the competition with your true services or products. So, instead of using these shady tactics which will eventually get caught and hurt your brand and trustworthiness, improve your services and invest in your company.

Overloaded [& Slow] Website

Slow websites make your users distrust you, your security, and your quality. So, make sure your website is compressed and you fix any speed issues as they come up. This can be done in many ways actually, in fact, check out these tips to make your site lightning fast!

Confusing Layout

User experience and understanding how your user views and uses your website (even with heat map tracking or where you want their eyes to be drawn) is important! After all, if you can’t find what you need on a site, are you going to search for it, or simply leave and find it on another site?

Learn about user experience and how to integrate it into your design with this helpful article.

Bad Backlink/Few Backlinks

Backlinks are like letters of recommendation for your website – and search engines care about those letters hugely! Having few backlinks, or even many backlinks but from untrusted or low authority websites, will hurt your SEO.

Gaining quality backlinks is time consuming but so worth it. Develop a backlink plan and learn more here.

Ignoring Local SEO

For most companies, you have a local presence which you cannot ignore! From being on local lists to targeting localized keywords (like best SEO company in Dallas, instead of just ‘best SEO company’), optimizing for local SEO can be even more helpful (and move a little quicker) than national SEO keywords.

Make sure you add local SEO into your overall digital marketing plan and watch your rankings rise in your own city as well as the ones surrounding you!

Contact JSL

Of course, there are over 200 ranking factors that go into just Google’s algorithm, and it’s constantly changing! So, if the above 6, plus having another 194 more, seem a little overwhelming, then contact JSL Marketing & Web Design to handle all your SEO needs! From local SEO to national, we are here to help!

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