James Leff, CEO of JSL Marketing & Web Design, Accepted into Forbes Agency Council

Forbes Agency Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Executives in Successful Public Relations, Media Strategy, Creative, and Advertising Agencies

Dallas (03/26) — James Leff, the CEO of JSL Marketing & Web Design, a full-scale, growth-focused digital marketing, SEO, and web design company based in Dallas, has been accepted into Forbes Agency Council, an invitation-only community for owners of and executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative, and advertising agencies.

James Leff was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of his experience. Criteria for acceptance include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors.

“We are honored to welcome James into the community,” said Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils, the collective that includes Forbes Agency Council. “Our mission with Forbes Councils is to bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world.”

As an accepted member of the Council, James has access to a variety of exclusive opportunities designed to help him reach peak professional influence. He will connect and collaborate with other respected local leaders in a private forum. James will also be invited to work with a professional editorial team to share his expert insights in original business articles on Forbes.com and to contribute to published Q&A panels alongside other experts.

Finally, James will benefit from exclusive access to vetted business service partners, membership-branded marketing collateral, and the high-touch support of the Forbes Councils member concierge team.

James Leff states, “I am incredibly excited to join the Forbes Agency Council and cannot wait to collaborate with other members and share my expertise and insights via articles and panels. JSL Marketing & Web Design hopes to enrich – as well as learn from – this expert community to further solidify us as leaders in digital marketing, web design, and SEO.”


Forbes Councils is a collective of invitation-only communities created in partnership with Forbes and the expert community builders who founded Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). In Forbes Councils, exceptional business owners and leaders come together with the people and resources that can help them thrive.

For more information about Forbes Agency Council, visit forbesagencycouncil.com. To learn more about Forbes Councils, visit forbescouncils.com.

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1920 McKinney Ave – Floor 12, Dallas, TX 75201

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The JSL Company Story

JSL Marketing Do Something Great SignOur JSL company story starts out like many – we saw a gap in the market, something missing that we hoped we could fulfill. We decided to be better, to serve the community better, and to provide better services for our customers and their businesses alike.

We noticed that, though there are many digital marketing companies or web design agencies in the area, none of them were treating their customers as individuals, and none of them were taking the time to get to know their clients’ individual needs, desires, or history.

We don’t like being treated like one of the masses, and we know our clients don’t either – so we changed the game.

In the Beginning (of JSL Marketing)

Every company has a story, and each one is unique and points to their ‘why’. And though JSL Marketing & Web Design loves to help our clients discover and utilize their stories, values, and ‘why’ – we started off just the same.

Originally, JSL Marketing wasn’t the full-scale, all-in-one digital marketing and website design firm that you see now. We started out small. Really small.

Our original team was just two. Two people with other jobs, other careers, who wanted to help out companies who needed a little encouragement and a little education about web design and SEO – which wasn’t nearly as big of a deal back then as it is now.

Our founders didn’t start JSL Marketing to pile on as many clients as possible, or as much money as possible. Instead, they just wanted there to be an option out there where clients were treated like they should be treated, like they would want to be treated. Like we all deserve to be treated.

That’s why, in the beginning, before we had clients from coast to coast, before our team quadrupled in size, before we even had our current, fancy website – we created our 5 Core Values.

JSL Marketing & Web Design’s 5 Core Values

With our core values, we were able to create a plan for how we would act, how we would serve, and how our business would run. Because our values aren’t just important for how we treat our clients, but for how we treat each other in the JSL Family as well.

Integrity – JSL Marketing has always been committed to bringing you the best results. We strive to do everything with full integrity and honesty, no shady tactics or confusing reporting.

That’s one of the reasons we love working so closely with each and every one of our clients – because we want them to learn, understand, and grow alongside us.

Creativity – Digital marketing is all about creativity, from content creation to website design, even social media posts and branding. Luckily, we are passionate about finding new ways to bring a creative flair to all of our clients’ projects.

We know that our clients are all coming from somewhere unique, and they’re all going somewhere unique too. We don’t provide cookie-cutter websites, strategies, or proposals, as even most of our packages end up being customized to meet the needs of our clients.

Clarity – Communication is one of the areas we saw woefully lacking before JSL came onto the scene. Which is strange considering how huge communication is when it comes to design or marketing strategies.

We want to fully understand your company, your wants, and needs before we even get started. But we also want to continue to have open communication throughout your time with us.

We don’t want to be one of those companies you send a check to each month when you don’t even know what you’re getting. That’s why we are highly-responsive, have weekly check-ins and monthly meetings, and also send clear, concise reporting often.

Have any questions? Ask us and receive a response promptly and politely.

Authenticity – When you work with JSL, you can rest assured that every step of the process will be met with the utmost authenticity. We’re true to our brand and our values, and we’re also committed to bringing that same authenticity to your own brand and business.

We wanted to create a company that cared more about being real, honest, and transparent, than one that stepped on others or deceived to make it to the top.

And look at that – we’re at the top anyways. Who says that nice guys have to finish last?

Positivity – A positive attitude can go a long way, and we think it’s one of the most important aspects of any working business relationship. Not only with our clients, but within our own team as well.

We strive to communicate in positive, uplifting ways, and center around being solution-oriented rather than problem-focused.

Positivity, good work environments, and relationships are often the catalysts for great creation, and at JSL we are dedicated to maintaining a positive, happy working environment for both us and our clients.

Let Our Success Story Lead to Your Success Story

Between our core values and our different approach to working with clients as individuals, not numbers, JSL took off and skyrocketed to the forefront of digital marketing and design in just a few short years.

But even with success yapping at our heels, we still hold true to our values, our beginning, and our first ‘why’.

We wanted to create a company where we treat our clients like we would want to be treated, where we work as hard for them as we have for ourselves.

And it turns out, that hard work has paid off.

If you are in need of digital marketing, SEO, social media, branding, web design, or any of the other services we provide, get in touch with us to start your success story today.

Put us to the test and see the JSL difference for yourself. We can’t wait to work with you!

Spring Cleaning Your Content with JSL Marketing & Web Design

JSL Marketing & Web Design is all about keeping tidy, keeping organized, and reminding anyone who will listen that content is king!

That is why we thought there’s no better time to clean up your website’s content than in the spring! After all, you spring clean your house, garage, car, and Facebook friend’s list – why not clean up your website’s content too?

We love creating new content, from blogs to eBooks, infographics to videos. And if you have a strong SEO strategy for the year, you’re probably creating new content on a monthly, or even weekly, basis as well.

That is part of the beauty of truly optimizing your website and SEO strategy – it’s never done! You can create, tweak, and implement different aspects every month. But that can also lead to content overload or too much that can either confuse readers, slow down your site, or become redundant and unnecessary.

To avoid this, JSL recommends a spring cleaning for your content. Check out our easy, 3-step system below!

Content Spring Clean Blog Icon

Step One: Catalog Your Current Content

This step is much easier (and mainly superfluous) if you have a content plan implemented for the quarter or year. But because many don’t utilize a content plan in the best way, or at all, we thought including this starting step would be helpful.

However, if you want to learn how to create a solid content plan and avoid this step in the future, check out our instructions here.

Essentially, cataloging your content means going through every piece of content you have created and organizing it in some way.

Dallas SEO Content Clean Step Icon

We recommend organizing it in a meaningful way – not by date or in alphabetical order – but instead based on subject, purpose, and medium.

After you have your content cataloged, you can see what you have, what you lack, and maybe what you have duplicates of.

Now here, you could make your first cuts or edits, but we recommend waiting until you look over step two to know which content pieces or pages are performing the best (and which need some help, or the ax).

Step Two: Check Your Content & Page Statistics

Now that you have your content cataloged, and you know what duplicates or overlap you have, you can look into their numbers.

Here, you can look at everything from interactions, views, reads, comments, time spent on the page, tags met, etc.

Why do you need this to check your content’s stats?

Well, let’s say you have two pages that both deal with branding services you provide. One gets 10 hits per month and one gets 40. The former is ranking for no keywords, but the latter is. The former has a high bounce rate, and the latter doesn’t.

Which page do you think you should cut? Which page should you absorb into another? What content is truly helping you here?

Without the content’s statistics, you wouldn’t know which page to work on, and which to possibly get rid of.

Dallas Content Marketing Blog

By cataloging and then researching your content, you can know exactly which pages are performing and which are possibly stealing clicks and competing for the same keywords as other better-performing pages.

Additionally, perhaps your research will show you that you could be linking your content better. Let’s say you have an eBook, blog post, and infographic on similar topics – but they are all different mediums.

Because the topics link, you should be able to lead your readers through each of the mediums by placing an internal link and a call to action (CTA) for your readers to learn more.

Obviously, JSL loves our research, but it’s times like these when it becomes clear why.

Success comes to those who know, and those who know had to learn it from somewhere.

Make the effort to always gain knowledge. Then reap the rewards of that knowledge down the line.

Step Three: Kill Your Darlings & Make the Necessary Edits

The end game of all the above steps for your content spring cleaning – the actual cleaning part.

Make sure you have analytics backed-up reasons for all of the edits you are making – like curbing underperforming pages, content, or posts.

And though you don’t have to delete blogs or social posts which didn’t do well, you should be able to learn from them and see what might have been different about them or what might have caused their demise.

Avoid making the same content mistakes graphic

Hopefully, with that insight, you’ll know what to avoid in the future.

Content is Created to Be Seen, Make Sure Yours is Doing its Job

If creating a content plan, creating the actual content, edits, research, and pruning all seem like a lot for you to handle – you aren’t alone.

Many of our clients come to us because they just can’t do it all. They can’t manage their business while also managing their website, SEO, content, and advertisements.

Sometimes the best way to help your business is to understand that you don’t need to do it all. Sometimes delegation is more important than control.

So, if you are looking for someone to make your content the gleaming, organized, high-performing king it was meant to be, then check out our content services, or contact us today.

We won’t make you wait, we won’t make you wonder – we’ll get back to you quickly and clearly instead!

Until then, comment, share, read more, and enjoy your spring cleaning!